You Could Pass Your Best Mate In No Man's Sky & Not Even Know It, AI Not Distinguishable From Human

According to one of No Man's Sky's developers, you wont be able to tell AI controlled characters and human controlled entities apart.

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SaveFerris1342d ago

I'm definitely interested on finding out more on the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Nekroo911342d ago

Maybe some of these answer can help you or even the full interview

SaveFerris1341d ago

Thanks. Somewhat cryptic answers though.

3-4-51341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

* People will come up with Human indicator movements like waving hi, but in your ship.

That way you can tell.

SaveFerris1341d ago

Okay. If they can wave at you, does that mean they can shoot down your ship?

RedSoakedSponge1342d ago

does this mean theres no in game voice communication of any sort? i would have hoped there was some way of talking to other players :/

The_Sage1341d ago

Yes. He has said many times that there will be no way of communicating, and that they will not even give you any way to tell humans from AI.

RedSoakedSponge1340d ago

That kinda sucks :( have they said why? Seems a little silly. Unless they are going for that whole Journey feel then I can kind of understand

gamer11381342d ago

What's the point of that?

Captain_Wormy1342d ago

Hoooooow about you just invite your friends to a party chat on the PS4 and ask 'em where they are?

Spid3r61342d ago

LOL so you have no Idea wether its AI or human...kinda sucks. One thing I remembered when playing Phantasy Star online was the fact that I could recognize a friend from long distance buy what there characters look like. What they are telling me here is that you can be alone in a planet with some AI. Sound a bit lonely.

chrish19901342d ago

I dunno, it seems like a nice idea, a sort of mirroring of real life; you walk past people everyday but dont interact with them, the same may be true in No Man's Sky.

nowitzki20041342d ago

So be careful on who you kill. Might be ur friend.

I cannot see the point of doing this.
Multiplayer experience with single player feel? whats the point?

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The story is too old to be commented.