Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals Cover System And Explains What’s In Episode Duscae | Interview

"When Final Fantasy Type-0 HD comes out in March fans will also get to try out Final Fantasy XV. First print copies of the game include Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, a demo of the next numbered Final Fantasy game. Siliconera spoke to director Hajime Tabata about what to expect from the demo and when we started talking about the battle system he revealed a new feature, a cover system."

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NiteX1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Final Fantasy with a cover system? What?

Okay it doesn't sound like Gear's cover system, so that's reassuring at least.

StationNow1340d ago

Nomura did have a talked with Kojima, it could be like Gear's cover system.

NovusTerminus1340d ago

It was in the E3 trailer, while he was sneaking.

silkrevolver1340d ago

So it's to heal... that could be interesting. I wonder if it's just a breather so you can cast cure, or if it automatically starts to heal you.