Microsoft's Windows 10 cross-play could swing the console race in Xbox One's favour

In May 2013 Microsoft announced the Xbox One and its vision for gaming's future. It was nothing short of a catastrophe, and kick-started one of the video game industry's all-time messiest PR disasters.

The violent backlash from fans put Microsoft on the back foot for the next twelve months, giving Sony the perfect platform to make its cheaper but more powerful PlayStation 4 the next gen console of choice. Safe to the say the PS4 sold well, and continues to lead sales over its rival.

However, Microsoft was quick to learn from its mistakes. Don Mattrick was out, Phil Spencer was in, and Xbox's fortunes began to change. Before, the Xbox One was envisioned as a closed all-in-one system, but with each decision since the announcement it is now becoming more open – and that came to a head last night at Microsoft's Windows 10 reveal.

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jrshankill1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I am hoping for some sort of open development. Emulators and homebrew are something to consider.

3ndulg31270d ago

Yes it could if they do it right.I would love it if microsoft bring out a beefed up slim.