Speedrunner Sets New World Record for Fastest Time in Super Mario World

"The speedrunning community is an endlessly competitive scene. Hardcore speedrunners may spend hours practising for a pixel-perfect performance or combing through endless lines of code to find obscure glitches. Anything that'll help shave off a few precious seconds from the final time.

Just recently a speedrunner named SethBling exploited such a glitch and claimed the title of fastest run for Super Mario World, clocking in at a blistering time of four minutes, forty nine seconds. Way back in July, a user named Jeffw356 - the discoverer of the particular glitch used here - set the previous record on an emulator at four minutes, fifty-nine seconds. The glitch centers around an absurd chain of events that roughly involves simultaneously dismounting yoshi while he's eating a coin that was created from a fireball colliding with a green shell. We don't understand how they find these things, either."

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