Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview - TSA

"Over a year since the original game’s launch in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is finally set to release on these shores next month, alongside Nintendo’s snappily named ‘New 3DS’. Whilst the new hardware and it’s second analog nub will certainly help you get the most out of the title, owners of the ‘old’ 3DS and 2DS haven’t been left out in the cold and will be able to embark on hunts alongside their freshly unwrapped console brethren on February 13th.

Monster Hunter is amongst Capcom’s most iconic series, though it’s never entirely found a home in the West. In Japan the franchise’s popularity is immense, and since its first appearance on the Playstation 2 in 2004 it has firmly embedded itself in Japanese culture. Its subsequent move to handheld and Sony’s PSP gave the console a killer-app, and helped ensure its popularity, particularly amongst gamers in its home nation. Such is the series success that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’ remains the all-time highest selling game for Sony’s handheld system, despite never being released outside Japan."

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