Xenoblade Chronicles X Introduces Its Foul-Mouthed Commander

Monolith Soft recently introduced an interesting mix of Xenoblade Chronicles X characters with a 13-year-old engineering prodigy, and a strange little creature named Tatsu. Today, the official website introduced two more characters: Van Damme and Irina.

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DeusEx-Machina1151d ago

I will not click any news from Xenoblade X anymore that are any what related to the lore or story.

I can't risk to get anything spoiled anymore beyond what we already know.

This is like single most important game release for me since like I don't know for how many years and I want to experience it in the purest most unbiased form humanly possible.

Big_Game_Hunters1151d ago

I wish i was as strong as you. teach me senpai.