What Will HoloLens Bring into Your Gaming Life?

At today's Windows 10 event, Microsoft showed their new HoloLens technology to us. The headset needn’t claims phone, computer, or Xbox One to use and allows you to walk around virtual objects freely everywhere. You can just use your hands to control and interact with the virtual things.

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MrSwankSinatra1130d ago

Nothing, not interested. AR, VR, 3D, Motion Controls, Second screen compatibility, etc. doesn't interest me.

PoSTedUP1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

i want VR. i want to be "in the game". this sounds kinda interesting, but i dont want to play with my home in the background. i play games to jump into and be fully immersed into virtual worlds. i dont care for AR on the vita, but the VR in Virtua Tennis 4 on the vita IS Where Its At. all that is missing is a head set and a move controller.

and i like motion controls. aiming down your sights or with a sniper scope in KZ: mercenary is amazing online. as well with flying around in flying games. imo.

bouzebbal1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

the way they showed it was really good with the video hologram, skype, TV on the wall... i can definitely see the use of it especially because you can have it on and still interact with people around you, which i think is a massive drawback of the other VR systems.
For gaming however, not sure how it can bring anything new and i question how VR can become a standard in gaming.

All these tech demos they showed reminded me a lot of Project Natal which ended up being Kinect with massive limitations so i prefer not getting hyped right now before we have a commercial product out in the nature..

I was wondering how the guy could move around and have his hands tracked so naturally??? Doesn't Hololens require a body tracking system? i'm kinda confused about the tracking technology it's using..

3-4-51130d ago

* Legos for Kids - No mess or cleanup

- Parents will LOVE THIS! ^

* Design for artists - lets them see 3D representation of their drawing or art in real time. Different perspective.

* Obviously planetary exploration. - Instead of just sending NASA Astronauts to a virtual Mars & moon, we can also let ordinary citizens do this as well.

* Imagine how much of Mars we could discover by doing this one thing:


10 Million people download the "game/app" on day one and start venturing out into "Mars".

* The real satellites take the pics, and from afar we can only see so much.

They zoom in and we use those zoomed in locations and starting maps.

* Mix the Satellite data, with the people's data from walking around and I'd be willing to bet we "find something" a lot sooner than we would have.

* Now.....will NASA allow the public to do this is another question. They might already "know" what is there.

* Sculpting 3D Landscapes for Artists & Game developers.

* Imagine the 3D worlds they could create by being able to walk amongst them.

EX: - Shrink yourself down to the size of a baseball and walk amongst your creation that way ( EX:A bugs life )

- Or zoom out and be "godlike" by viewing your creation from "space".

So many possibilities with this tech...

MrSwankSinatra1130d ago

Again it doesn't interest me.

Joelwow1126d ago

WoW, I even don't know these benefits

THC CELL1130d ago

Ar is great to play with on vita n phones been round for years ar play is fun on Xperia also wiki ar is good. Ms has taken ar and changed the name and made it look good.

IrishSt0ner1130d ago

VR is nice but just a stop gap IMO.

AR through a handheld screen is just dumb, on glasses it's getting better but not perfect, in contact lenses it's as far as it can go in wearable terms. Now true AR with lasers would be epic.

I also loved the idea shown for Battlefield on one of those gadget shows, a 360 display with a rolling floor etc.. seemed fairly immersive.

At the end of the day for absolute immersion we'll need a spike wired into our spine and put into the matrix.

Jag-T10001130d ago

It will bring scantily clad women.

ChrisW1130d ago

I am super interested... But I'm not going to jump on board until at least the 2nd generation of these things come out. Mostly because I have a feeling many people will be rather disappointed with the 1st generation.

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