The Order 1886:GIF From Japanese Trailer Shows Transformed Lycan, Removes Gore And Adds More Gunplay

GearNuke: "Some new tidbits in the Japanese trailer."

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bouzebbal1337d ago

Sweet! Lycans here i come with my glorious moustache.

waltyftm1337d ago

Quality stuff, love its art style.

Crazyglues1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

This game is looking really good, Just amazing visuals...

They have really set the bar high. The time period sets a nice mood for the game so this one is going to be interesting.. Can't wait..

Hope it lives up to the hype, because they have indeed hit the mark on graphics.. They are Stunning

||.........___||............ ||

monkeyDzoro1336d ago

The author says:
"We also see a QTE which gives a first glimpse at the pure Lycan"

Where does the author see a QTE ? All I see is an instruction box at the right side telling you how to use that electric-powered gun by holding L2 to charge then firing the blast by releasing R2.
Do these people even know what a QTE really is ?

Speak_da_Truth1337d ago

God pls put this game in my hand right now. I need it.

Omran1337d ago

Only less than month :)

PR_FROM_OHIO1337d ago

Man oh Man I need this game!!!!

MoonConquistador1337d ago

Here's hoping for a demo before it releases too. We definitely need more demos or even the 1 hour trial that ps3 games had. I'd like to try before I buy with this one.

LordMaim1336d ago

See if you can convince someone on your friends list to let you Shareplay it.

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