Parkour founder, David Belle, worked on Dying Light

MWEB GameZone writes: "Because of parkour, Dying Light offers the broadest range of possibilities in terms of in-game movement. Techland, the developers of Dying Light, has the father of parkour, David Belle, to thank for the magic.

They partnered with Bell to "verify the depiction of parkour in Dying Light, test its authenticity and even got his personal approval before the game hits stores."

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plut0nash1276d ago

David Belle is awesome. :)

Sillicur1276d ago

Awesome wrapped in win!

Sillicur1276d ago

Wow I did not realise this, interesting read!

lord zaid1276d ago

I don't know that this was really necessary. No offence to Bell, but he has to know he is a publicity hire, because they could really have gotten anybody to consult on the parkour. Like Steve Carell. He would have been perfect.

DarkOcelet1276d ago

Its called marketing, just to tell people " hey, we got an awesome guy to manage our parkour in the game ".

Lol Steve Carell, ya that could work.

DanielEndurance1276d ago

I've seen more parkour in Assassin's Creed than I have in Dying Light.

SonZeRo1276d ago

I love Parkour but i also like my teeth in my mouth :) Publicity is publicity, like getting Kevin Spacey for AW.

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