Xbox Chief: Today Was The "Beginning" With "More to Come"; Custom Controllers For Xbox One/PC Play

Today was just the beginning according to the XBoss, Phil Spencer who also teased that there's more to come. Today's announcements were fantastic for fans of the Xbox One, but there's also the possibility that the new ways to play Xbox One around the home could allow for different input methods other than the Xbox One controller, such as custom controllers and maybe even the good old keyboard and mouse combo.

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DarkOcelet1274d ago

They should just let gamers use mouse and keyboard if they wanted. In the end, just like the article stated, someone will figure out a way to play with the keyboard and mouse.

annoyedgamer1274d ago

In response to the first part of your post; this was tried with Halo 2 for Windows Vista, it did not work very well. For the second part, you are correct, hacking/illegal modding will always be a challenge but software can be written to detect input parameters. It is a game of cat and mouse.

iNFAMOUZ11274d ago

K and m is for pc, leave that for us big boys son

UltraAtomic1274d ago

I hate mouse and keybord!!!

1274d ago
DarkOcelet1274d ago

Are you kidding? I cant imagine games like Stalker or Half Life with a controller, and most definitely they were awesome. Seriously Who hate Mouse and Keyboard?

UltraAtomic1273d ago

I am sorry i play alot of mmo's, and i just cant stand the keybord. I really prefer controller over keybord!! its just a preference thing thats all.

matt1391274d ago

kb/m is better for fps's and rts's. For 3rd person and racing games a controller is the way to go.

EZMickey1274d ago

@DarkOcelet the Orange Box was released on consoles and it played quite comfortably with the controller.

Also, since Stalker, FPS games in general have seen a better quality of controller support across all platforms. That said, the Stalker series isn't really any standard for it's input experience. That game was awkward to play even with K&M.

qwerty6761274d ago

they mention fable legends being cross plateform

but one of the things you do in the game is control the villian rts style

wont that give a huge advantage to pc players who use that role?

BattleAxe1274d ago

Microsoft's tanks have been parked squarely on Sony's front lawn. These announcements are amazing! Having a Surface tablet actually makes a bit more sense with streaming capability to all Windows 10 devices with Xbox One.

Torque_CS_Lewith1274d ago

Microsoft sent out several tanks to Sony, Apple and Google's lawns with yesterday's announcements. Free windows 10 for everybody with Windows 7 and up was a major megaton!

caffman1274d ago

Does he need to link? It's been reported on every tech site going!

SniperControl1274d ago

"Microsoft's tanks have been parked squarely on Sony's front lawn"

Lol, People seem to forget that the PS4 has had streaming capabilities for over a year now. The Vita and PSTV work brilliantly at streaming games, to top it of, the PS4 now streams to mobiles & tablets as well.

mcstorm1274d ago

I agree Sony have been doing this since the PSP and PS3 but the issue Sony have is the remote play is limited by its devices where the xbox version will be on a bigger array of devices.

That said it gives me even more reason to go digital so I can jump between games.

SniperControl1274d ago


How is remote play limited?

The Vita can be taken anywhere, you can hook up any TV in the house with PSTV, Sony's Xperia range allow remote play to mobiles and tablets, some enterprising gents have even allowed non Xperia devices to allow remote play.

While streaming via X1 and W10 is fantastic, people on here are going a bit over the top with this "brand new" unheard of feature, which will bring the PS4 to it's knees.

BattleAxe1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


It's limited because you need a PS Vita or Playstation TV, and because those are the only two devices from which you can stream the PS4. Xbox One can stream to any PC, Smart Phone or Tablet that is running Windows 10.

DARK_SOLDIER1011274d ago

we want Xbox One controller run wireless on pc

wicked1274d ago

I'm sure the one Phil was using was wireless...

tmh35931273d ago

Uhm very easy you buy a wireless adapter thing I don't remember the actual name right now but they sell them on eBay for like 8 u.s. Dollars and it works perfectly.. Research works wonders my friend

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