4 Upcoming Games You never Knew About

These are some of the most overlooked titles that are going to be lunched in the next few months, so if you don’t know about them, just put them in your calendars. If you like/hate them or want more, just let us know in the comments section.

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DarkOcelet1303d ago

The picture is so Click Bait. Neither Evolve nor MGSV in the article so why put it there?

hiredhelp1303d ago

Not clicked on the article but my theory to your question maybe in the Headline..?
Evolve and MGSV People im sure know about buddy. :)

DarkOcelet1303d ago

The picture in the article was MGSV and Evolve before i made that comment, that is why i called it click bait.

Relientk771303d ago

Apotheon reminds me of Disney's Hercules

The_Sage1303d ago

I now want to see more about Get Even.