Project Cars is the best-looking racing game ever

If you grew up with video games, chances are you have a few fond memories of racing simulators such as this. Who could forget firing up Gran Turismo 3 for the first time on the Playstation 2, and watching in awe as "Just a Day" by Feeder soundtracked three minutes of jaw-dropping gameplay footage that, at the time, seemed as close to reality as video games could surely ever get.

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DarkOcelet1054d ago

Lol, no its not. Driveclub looks much more realistic.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1054d ago

Yea resolution aside Driveclub looks better.

vishmarx1054d ago

fact is that DC is already out and we know it can look better than those screens , the crown stays with DC for now.

rodiabloalmeida1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

If Project cars were running at 30FPS on PS4 it could be much better on graphics due to reducing the processor load in half, but it aims for 60FPS, and that doubles the processor power needed to render the game. On the other side, DC runs at 30FPS. If DC were at 60FPS, it would have much worse graphics for sure because of the doubled processor power needed to maintain the graphics and sustain the framerate. If you know the basics, you would understand the basic concept. That's what PC gamers do sometimes: chose better graphics at lower framerate or better framerate at lower graphics. Or just charge PC parts and enjoy great graphics with great framerates.

The thing is: comparing a 30fps game with a 60FPS game on a console in this case is BS.

starchild1054d ago

I'll need to see them both running on my own setup to say for sure. It seems Drive Club has the edge in terms of core visuals, but of course Project Cars will have the performance advantage. They both look fantastic in any case. But one thing I've learned is that the hardcore Sony fans will always claim the Sony exclusive looks better whether it does or not.

DarkZane1053d ago

I actually doubt Project Cars will run at 60fps on console.

If it doesn't, still gonna look worst than driveclub on consoles.

On consoles, the only other racer that will beat Driveclub or has a chance to is Gran Turismo (unless they use old-gen assets on ps4, PD is known for using old assets)

PoSTedUP1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

thats because GT7 isnt out yet... DC isnt a racing sim, it's half and half. the physics arent all there. Poly.Digital on PS4 will not only have more content than any other racing sim by 10000%, but the physics and graphics will be top notch because PD>Evo; and look what EVO can do in terms of visuals. PD is going to sell 400,000,000 PS4's with their prologue (demo) alone ;).

Only when a game has single-handedly spawned a real (and good) professional racecar driver just by playing the game with no racing experience, is when you can call it the best and "real" driving simulator. imo.

@darkZane- even if they use old assets, it will still probably beat drive club. GT5-6 are amazing looking. and i think they only use core-old builds when jumping generations; most graphics are rebuilt around the new consoles hardware. the new suspension engine is amazing and if they improve on it: Wow. if not, i wouldnt mind that "old asset" on the PS4 either. but i doubt it will stay the same. everything is improved from PD each console generation... except for the SOUND, lol.

freshslicepizza1053d ago

put this game running beyond 1080p and beyond 30 frames per second on a decent pc and then tell us which looks better. the pc is also able to offer better anti-aliasing techniques. on consoles driveclub will still look best.

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Relientk771054d ago

Especially the first screenshot

Driveclub definitely looks better

piroh1053d ago

maybe he meant best looking multiplatform racing game. its not fair to compare exclusives and multiplats.

as for resolution, i think Uncharted in 720p looks far better than Tetris in 4k

iNFAMOUZ11053d ago

Lol sure son sure whatever helps you guys sleep at night, I'll stick to my 4k

Studio-YaMi1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I have a gaming rig,with a GPU that can push 4k(780 ti) but they are correct,Project cars doesn't have the style or look of real life.

It might surpass Drive Club in physics,fps and res; but it won't surpass it in how it looks or the style of it that the developers chose to direct with.

So at the end of the day,you can have your 4k gaming with project cars,but DC will still get the crown for the best looking racing game.

Rimeskeem1054d ago

I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with that title.

crazychris41241054d ago

Driveclub does look a little better especially with the weather effects. Would love to see what project cars looks like in 4k at 60 fps

2pacalypsenow1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

But its not even released yet?

All we have seen is Bullshots and youtube videos ..

Alsybub1053d ago

Playable builds of Project Cars have been readily available for a very, very long time.

hkgamer1054d ago

every game looks better on PC. so if you a pc gamer with decent specs, good for you. if you are a console gamer then you probably want to compare it to other games in that genre for that console since thats whay you see when you play.

in other words, when project cars gets released on ps4. we need to compare it to drive club.

GamingTruth1053d ago

every game that's a multiplat vs multiplats cause the developer chose it to be that way

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