Nintendo bosses “do not really understand modern gaming”, says former executive

Former Nintendo executive Dan Adelman has provided frank insight into the Japanese platform holder’s inner workings.

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MultiConsoleGamer1307d ago

Dan Adelman is a former employee because he doesn't really understand Nintendo.

LOL_WUT1307d ago

Nintendo's upper management is whats hurting the company with their archaic thinking. They dismissed online gaming at one point and have admitted to underestimating the transition to HD.

To make things worse their hardware and games are affected by it. Lack of in game chat, online features, invites and simple media functions are all absent in most if not all games.

Time for some new management one that delivers on promises and understands the western market. ;)

qwerty6761307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

i agree somewhat

and yet they're still doing "ok" as a company

yeah wii u has mostly been a flop but 3ds is still doing very well

they need better online infrastructure, better relationship with 3rd party devs, better relationship with the community/youtube creators, better system with more features.

seems like they're just out of touch with that stuff and didnt adapt, like you said, to the changing western market.

Tiqila1307d ago

I am quite happy the way it is. Today it might be considered archaic to deliver the best gaming experience rather than the best social networking/multimedia experience. I like games, not social networks.

PoSTedUP1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

this guy is spot on, and we've all said this. nintendo has great games, but the infrastructure in which they are assimilated is what is hurting them.

they dont want constructive criticism, we've been yelling commonsense at them for so long. honestly, and i hate to sound harsh, (but well, here i go): **** 'em. they dont want to listen, that's how they've always been. and that's why their consoles continue to decline. what developers are going to want to support a console that doesnt sell with a now small hardcore fanbase that only wants Nintendo games? i love nintendo games, but it's gonna take nintendo a while for them to develop a collection of games for me to justify buying a WiiU. i'll prob get one in a few years.

VenomUK1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

“Unfortunately, that creates a culture where everyone is an advisor and no one is a decision maker – but almost everyone has veto power." “Ideas often get shut down prematurely just because some people with the power to veto an idea simply don’t understand it."

This is disappointing to hear and in a big expose of Microsoft during the Steve Balmer years, this was the reason they were criticised for not inventing the smartphone before Apple.

Nintendo executives regularly talk about how they do not see themselves as being in the same market as Sony and Microsoft, they say they regard themselves as toy makers. However the reality is they ARE in the same market, they are competing for the same customers.

Lets not try to teach your grandma to suck eggs, Nintendo are formidable game creators, they produce titles that are so enjoyable and delightful. Their games receive very high scores and have long shelf lives and maintain their original price. However they do need to have an awareness of what is happening in the video game market place. So their decision for some games to not have in-game voice chat is made to keep them family friendly, however it limits their functionality in comparison to PSN & Live. An universal achievements system has become standard with their competitors, a full online store, genuine support for third party games and a more open relationship with their community and YouTubers who are effectively promoting their products.

Nintendo still know how to make great games, but they have become insular, they need to start reforging relationships with exterior publishers, developers and the community.

I'm actually one of those people who think that if Nintendo adapt their business model, their next console (the rumoured sequel to Wii U AND 3DS) has the potential to dominate the market again.

LightofDarkness1307d ago

I agree, Venom, Nintendo's first party and wide ranging appeal are unmatched by the other platforms. Nintendo hold the only platforms where their first party games have always been their most popular and highest selling. If they could flatten the management structure, inject new blood and invite bold new ideas, that'd be a start. If they could then concede to technology trends, thus extending an olive branch to the 3rd parties, you'd have a new Super Nintendo on your hands.

But they won't do that. There's no pressure for them to do that, not while the old guard remains. They'd sooner scuttle the ship than bring dishonour by changing their ways/"beliefs". If they can't do it the way they want to do it, they simply won't do it at all.

MrSwankSinatra1307d ago

@tiqla you're the exact problem with nintendo fanbase today. All you think about is yourself, just because you don't want or don't care about certain features doesn't mean others don't. it's 2015, it's time for nintendo to get with the damn times already

1307d ago
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rocketpanda1307d ago

This is Japanese business in a nutshell. Many old school companies in Japan find it impossible to modernize.

Just look at how long Nintendo took to even start competing in the digital market. Also still having locked down systems. Flagging well know YouTubers who even show a few seconds of their games.

As much as I love Nintendo, they need to embrace modern gaming as well.

MasterCornholio1307d ago

Nintendo does a lot right but then again they need to make some changes. Sure their handhelds sell wonderfully but its their consoles that are suffering the most.

Magicite1307d ago

Nintendo exclusives mostly appeal to Nintendo fans, but not to mainstream gamers. COD/GTA/AC is what current gaming is all about (and Im not saying its good).

P.S. And sports games ofc.

3-4-51307d ago

* What do I notice though.

* Modernizing of games = Less Quality, rushed, buggy mess.

* Old school Nintendo way = slightly less graphics, but a high quality game that ALWAYS WORKS as intended and is fun to play.

* I have XB1& Wii U so I get to see both sides, but whatever Nintendo is "missing", that make up for 10x with the stuff they do.

* Nintendo does stuff that NOBODY else can do....

So that balances it out right there.

* The More Corporate the Video Games industry becomes, the less quality games will be made.

* Your graphics snobs are getting exactly what you deserve with these rushed, buggy mess games...

It's buggy...."but it's dark and it's adult!"

* It runs choppy and isn't fun " but look at these graphics maaaan"

I'll take less specs + better art style any day over buggy broken games.

* I bought way too many hyped games in 2014 that disappointed me, and it was my own fault and I won't fall for it again.

* I got what I deserved when I bought AC:Unity....I should have known better....

* NO Wii U game has even come close to disappointing me on that level.

* The Media isn't smart. They are all about gossip and BS to sell you ANYTHING that gets them hits.

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Metallox1307d ago

The Japanese crew really don't understand the demands of western players. Really no one can't deny that. That's why Wii U struggles to sell more than 3 million units per year.

RmanX10001307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I love the WiiU (i think its possibly the best system own this gen, CURRENTLY) to death and Nintendo has definitely been turning around lately but it's very apparent that until recently, the Heads in JPN were clearly delusional until they realized that the market outside of Japan is more than willing to open their wallets. Now about Fatal Frame 5...

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GokuSolosAll1307d ago

Obviously. They're stuck in the past. Their online is like the original Xbox, graphics likeva PS3, and a general reluctance to evolve their brand. They still make good games and their system is fun but they could do more and it sucks they don't.

iliimaster1307d ago

maybe true but stack beyonetta 2 against anything the ps4 xboxone have to offer at the moment and everything falls short.. if you havnt played the game its beyond me... i bet u anything the ps4 and xboxone wish they had beyonetta 2 to show off their system

360ICE1307d ago

I'm sure Bayonetta is fun, but it mostly had a cult following back on PS3 and Xbox 360, and I don't see that changing on Xbox One / PS4.

Also, Pix the Cat.

DeusEx-Machina1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Bayonetta 2 has me deeply impressed this year*.

Also that it came bundled with a high quality port of Bayonetta 1 is still unbelievable for me.

The value in quality and content of this package is just insane.

*Edit: Well, last year. It's 2015 now, lol

Gears_President1307d ago

I wish they turn into a software only company.

CaspuR1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

lol honestly i only buy nintendo systems for like 1 or 2 games, granted there usually some of the best games i ever played but still, my wii u right now is literally a smash and mario kart box. If im the type of player that only likes a certain genre (which im not but for the sake of this example) like fighting games for instance, what other good fighting games can i get on nintendo other than smash? and even that only comes once a generation.

Gears_President1307d ago

Yeah Nintendo makes really cool games but I know if I get it I'll probably get about four five games and thats it. Between the One and Four cant justifiy the purchase of another system.

beerzombie1307d ago

That makes sense to me but they do not want to lose control of who they are.

mezati991307d ago

That would be the greatest day for gaming

Summons751307d ago

Never going to happen. They've said before that if they ever leave the console market they will stop making games.

1307d ago
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