Microsoft Won't Force Games to Support Cross-Platform Play

"I think it's an enabling technology to make games great," Phil Spencer says about the newly announced Xbox One/PC feature.

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DarkOcelet1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

One question though? Does that mean FFXIV is coming to Xone or what?

While mouse is considered a superior controller, Auto Aim feature kinda make it suck, they should remove AA in crossplay, that would be so unfair especially in a game like COD and Battlefield.

PC gamers frame rate will also give them a huge edge if it is set higher than the console.

That would happen here in every single game lol.

ic3fir31189d ago

for the cross-play on pc, is mandatory play with xbox one controller.

ShiranaiJittai1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

@Dark Ocelot No it doesn't. Square-enix explicitly stated not that FFXIV will not be releasing on Xbox One but that it NEVER will because of the way FFXI was handled on Xbox 360.

It all had to do with the Xbox Live policy. FFXI was an MMO as is FFXIV (obviously) Squareenix wanted to host the game on Xbox without requiring xbox live membership since it had a membership fee already. Microsoft didn't just turn them down they responded in the equivalent way that Sony responded to EA Access. Where they didn't just politely decline the offer but badmouthed it and demeaned the service.

They essentially said that it was Xbox Live or nothing and the reason it released originally is Squareenix was under the impression that wouldn't be the case it was just kind of thrust on them. Hence why it was pulled from 360 Maybe two years after it released?

Console mainstay Final Fantasy games are one thing the MMO is something else entirely.

Even though I have said that Squareenix has teamed up with Microsoft for Rise of the Tomb Raider so come to think of it anything is probably possible.

Edit: Upon thinking it over I will go back to zero possibility because of how poorly Japan received the Xbox One. Hell we didn't even get Dragon Quest X on Wii U over here and that did quite well in Japan.

Kribwalker1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Lol you are spewing nothing but garbage. This came out in August

As soon as MS would allow cross platform play with PC they would push to make it...hmmomm, sounds like you were trying to pull a stealth troll and bash MS for a bunch of bs

And final fantasy 11 is still live and well on the360

mkis0071189d ago

cross play probably wont happen due to ps4 and ps3 already doing it. That would mean ps4 users could play with xbox one users.

Lucreto1189d ago

It depends on if there was a change in policy for Microsoft as PC and PS4 gamers play together. I doubt they would let all 3 play together.

PoSTedUP1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

oh god, i would hate that. im prejudice when it comes to gamers XD, i prefer to stick with my own kind. im sure PC gamers are cool, but them XBL gamers.... yikes. please dont put me with them! not all of them are bad but one would know what im talking about if they ever played on XBL. its pretty bad. idk about this gen, but last gen was a nightmare.

Grap1189d ago

yes because XBL are different species. we don't want to mix two species together, that will start Nuclear War.

Godmars2901189d ago

Would think that since its likely that cross-play will only extend to PC, that likewise only PC/X0 titles will apply.

Also there's the bigger issue of MS requiring a Gold subscription in addition to any MMO fees, where PS+ is still different in that regard. You don't need PS+, just the MMO sub if there's one.

Lucreto1189d ago

I am half expect the typical Microsoft thing to happen like if they use this feature they cannot also do it on PS4.

Bytor1189d ago

They can't force cross play on any PC games they don't have any say it would be illegal.What are they going to say you cant put your game on the Xbox then then Sony could say if you do cross play with them and not us no game on the PS4 then 20 million users to 10 million who do you think will win.

Volkama1189d ago

No, but they could quite easily make it a requirement for XBox One games as they have complete control over those. Kinda like achievements are mandatory, and many other system features.

Obviously that would be a stupid decision to make, but the option is there.