Why Did the Xbox One Drop to $350 Again?

With record sales over the holiday break, Mary, Chris & Danny discuss why Microsoft have chosen to drop the price of the Xbox One again.

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DarkOcelet1303d ago

Simple, to compete with the plethora of exclusives the PS4 has the next few months.

SoapShoes1303d ago

Not to mention their sells fell off a cliff after the holidays, it's pretty typical of January but the PS4 was beating it and still is even with the drop according to most major retailers online.

freshslicepizza1303d ago

i think your putting too much emphasis on exclusives to sell hardware. yes it will help but not as much if sony was also to drop the price down to $349 which they won't anytime soon.

but yeah, it is simple. microsoft knows they cannot compete with the ps4 at the same price due to three main issues. one is most people know its underpowered in comparison, two is the momentum is still there from pre-launch and the goodwill sony set out in the beginning, three is the xbox brand was never as strong as playstation around the world.

MultiConsoleGamer1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

It is the first step of a very aggressive plan to counter, and beat the PS4. Which they will easily do in the US and the UK. (Xbox One will take January NPD.)

MS also has a number of unannounced exclusives waiting in the wings to counter the latest Sony marketing meme concerning their alleged exclusives.

DarkOcelet1303d ago

And where exactly are these unannounced exclusives? And why do you make me feel Sony doesnt have more exclusives. We havent heard anything about Quantic Dreams,Sony Bend, Japan Studio, Naughty Dog second game, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule etc etc etc.
A price cut alone wont be sufficient. Besides PS4 slim could be on its way at E3 2015, what will they do then?

AngelicIceDiamond1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

@Dark Ahh seems sounds like we're in to some great gaming this year and beyond.

From MS we're yet to see Rares new game/BattleToads Leap Experience pioneers which also spawned SOTA: State Of The Art, [FUN]CTION Good Science, Np Studios and Platform Next. Black Tusk Gears 4/collection, Twisted Pixel, Lift London, Play Dead Labs new project, Press Play.

more on Scale bound Phantom dust and Crack down.

MS has some unannounced games as well.

MS is also said to be making a slim console. Who knows it could get shown off at E3 also.

Isn't competition good?

DarkOcelet1303d ago


2015 will indeed be awesome for every gamer out there.

Play Dead next project will most like be next year since State of decay remastered is on its way.

Scalebound is said to be massive so it being finished this year is unknown since no gameplay has been released and games open world like Witcher 3\MGSV\Arkham Knight have had gameplay trailers from 2014 and have been delayed for more polishing so i doubt this will be here this year but one can hope, aye.

Crackdown is also the same, no gameplay and destructible environment and a whole city, so it will most likely be 2016

Gears hd collection with Gears 4 beta would really be very interesting especially for achievement hunters. They will be glued to their tv for hours upon hours, not to mention its awesome gameplay.

A slim for both PS4\Xone is most like to be announced this year at E3..

And offcourse to answer your question, Competition is awesome :) .

aceitman1303d ago

From the looks of it ps4 has been outselling x1 on amazon since Jan even with it at 350$ ps4 is still selling better.

DarkOcelet1303d ago

Wait until The Order 1886\Bloodborne drops, it will boost the sales of the PS4 and widen the gap even more.

Rimeskeem1303d ago

Easily do in the Uk and US?

have you seen the recent sales?

PS4isKing_821303d ago

For their sake, I hope they have better exclusives than what they put out in 2014.

Cause a broken halo collection, cartoony shooting game, and a racing game didn't exactly do much to improve the console's image.

Plus if you think Microsoft will win npd for January or anytime before the holidays, that's very doubtful with no big games coming till the holidays.

Not to mention Sony will most likely announce a price cut at or around e3 so there's also that Microsoft has to worry about.

thanhgee1303d ago

"MS also has a number of unannounced exclusives waiting in the wings to counter the latest Sony marketing meme concerning their alleged exclusives."

Yeah, so many Xbox one exclusives to counter Bloodborne & The order 1886 amirite?

hkgamer1303d ago

the first quarter or half is just going to be ps4. cant see ms announcing any big exclusives for that period.
2nd half of year im not too sure, is there any exclusives coming for both consoles in that period?

i think that the order would probably be a dissapointing game though, i have lost a lot of interest on that and have been looking forward to bloodborne all of a sudden. i knew something didnt look right about the orders gameplay and then when i noticed it was probably the gun sounds. they just dont aound that great.

trenso11303d ago

And if they sell more in the the US and UK so what? This is a global market selling well in two places when your competitor is selling well globally means nothing.

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2pacalypsenow1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Because its the only way they can compete against the PS4

LOL_WUT1303d ago

The sales were greatly improved why raise it back up ;)

Magnus1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I think Microsoft dropped the price of the XB1 to get more consoles off the shelf and into homes. That would seem like a logical decision.

WitWolfy1303d ago

Damn thats an ugly console, every time I see the Xbone I cant help but think its also thanks to the exterior that nobody wants to buy this thing... IT LOOKS LIKE A VCR!!!

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