Is Evolve As Good As We Hope?

With only weeks until it's anticipated release, Danny talks to Chris & Erick about whether this 4v1 online shooter will be a hit or not.

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poseiden211272d ago

My hype died with the overpriced DLC. None of the DLC is out day one, and I'm fine with paying for it. But a much more reasonable price would be something like a $20 season pass for the 4th tier hunters, 2 bonus hunters, and 4th/5th monster. Ideally I'd like them for free, but $20 is justifable IMO.

Dhampir1272d ago

Hype was dead when they announced DLC before showing even a screenshot of the game.

Scottyxboxoneandps41272d ago

Is evolve as good as we hoped? YES!!! Definately!!!