Mario Warriors, Pokémon Warriors Possible Musou Prospects

Koei Tecmo would love to develop a Mario Warriors game in their Musou series, while Game Freak's Junichi Masuda offered ideas for a Pokémon Warriors title.

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NovusTerminus1305d ago

XenoBlade's team needs to make a Pokemon game. A game on the scale of Chronicles X would be awesome.

And Mario does not need a Warriors game. Maybe try a Fire Emblem Warriors game.

Metallox1305d ago

Stay away from Mario, guys.

RmanX10001305d ago

For the love of all that is gaming... not Mario please...

Wonderful1011305d ago

Fire Emblem and Custom Robo would be better options.

hkgamer1305d ago

fire emblem just isnt big enough of a franchise for them to collaborate with. its not worth the license fee and they could just collaborate with something else instead.

ff musou would be mindblowing.

1305d ago
Nodoze1302d ago

Would be awesome if the FE Amiibos unlocked the characters in HW.

hkgamer1305d ago

remember when people hated musou/dw games. add a zelda skin on it and everyone loves it now and wants more.

mario would be stupid, hes more known to jump on enemies instead of hitting. pokemon just wouldnt make much sense. so its probably either another zelda or just end the collaborations.

shaw981305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Lol, it would be funny with what they could do with a Mario warriors. Fire, punching and jumping combos. Honestly, I have seen Mario in so many weird but fun genres I don't see why they cant try for this one. I think our minds are just to closed to the possibility's. Instead of different swords as weapons they could have power ups and hammers. Either way, I trust that Nintendo will take care of the little plumber and say no if they need to.

1305d ago
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