Should You Buy the New Borderlands Handsome Edition?

Borderlands is coming to Xbox One and PS4, but is a bunch of DLC and 4 player split-screen enough to get you to buy it again? Mary Kish and Chris Watters discuss.

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DarkOcelet1307d ago

No Borderlands 1, No Buy.

DeadlyOreo1306d ago

Your're still getting an amazing deal here, the sheer amount of DLC plus two games, at hopefully a better resolution & framerate. Although, I agree, I would have rather had Borderlands 1 instead of Pre-sequel, didn't really get on with the pre-sequel.

Heyxyz1306d ago

The Frame rate and resolution are 1080p and 60fps on both consoles. Gearbox said so in an interview.

nicksetzer11306d ago

While I agree with that, 4 player local coop sealed the deal for me, day 1.

Relientk771307d ago

I want the Claptrap RC, but not for $400

DarkOcelet1307d ago

I feel bad for those who preordered it for 400$. It is an obvious cash grab.

holysmokesbatman1307d ago

it's sold out already.
I'll buy this if it comes with a serious discount to people who have already bought the games, I have and it's not worth paying full price again even though I love Borderlands to the moonbase and back!

neocores1307d ago

Yes. I had a blast play 2 and now i can play a real grinding game with loot and alot of awesome stuff:) i cant wait to play it on PS4

Studio-YaMi1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

No,it's a cash grab & basically the PC version along with all its DLC.

If you haven't played this before,then by all means this is a good start,if you did play the game before,then this isn't much different than the game you remember.

Summons751307d ago

I'd much rather they give us a Borderlands 3...

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The story is too old to be commented.