The Evil Within 2 - The changes that need to happen

Kenny McDonnell:
"Last week,I finally got around to playing The Evil Within, eventually finishing it on one weary evening over the weekend. While I did enjoy certain elements of the game, if this is the road that the title's creator Shinji Mikami wants to embark upon, he's going to have to make some serious alterations for The Evil Within 2."

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-Foxtrot1343d ago

I feel like despite being a good overall game they would be better off making a new franchise with a clean slate.

Characters and the dialogue is something they have to work

DarkOcelet1343d ago

Highly disagree, this has the potential to be something amazing, they just need to hire better writers and have phenomenal graphics on par with today,s games. The gameplay could use zero action sections like chapter 6 and 11. But overall it was an amazing game that i highly enjoyed and welcome a second part.

-Foxtrot1343d ago

It was an amazing game but I feel like with problems surrounding the characters, dialogue, the structure of the story, character development, the plot holes etc they'd be better off wrapping it up quickly and making a new game based on what they've learnt

I think the best thing he can do as a massive middle finger to Capcom is make a game set in a mansion with vampires and a bunch of policeman are sent in. From Dusk till Dawn style

WombBat1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Framerate should be 60fps with those graphics, no excuses.

60fps, and no frame rate issues
better graphics
overall faster movement
no stall if you run too much(annoying)
no weapon sway (annoying)
better hit detection
no black bars
get rid of the gore and get more into that
that formal/elegant scary (RE1)
Make the beatdown stronger
make cooler characters
more polished (little things like explosive not
-blowing up, stealth hard to use, etc)
cooler settings(beginning was hard to play

Roccetarius1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

One of the first steps would be ditching the engine they used. Technical issues was one of the main problems i had with the game, not to mention the fake black bars. All they did was slap on bars on a full image.

Oh, and the fact that they sold us a incomplete story as well.

2pacalypsenow1342d ago

take off those stupid black bars

Bennibop1342d ago

definitely scrap the black bars, you are left with about a quarter of the screen when close behind the shoulder.

Master-H1342d ago


The black bars, low framerate, and the too zoomed-in camera made for a really annoying combination. Sometimes I miss obvious things like ammo and matches because I never saw them on my screen (usually because of my character's body blocking them from my view).

Oh, and get rid of the damn zombies with fire arms. They're pretty lame.

Also, make picking stuff up, and interacting with things easier. You have to stand from a certain angle usually to be able to press X to pick up stuff and it gets pretty annoying at times.

Articuno761342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

You typically need the camera angled to look at items you want to pick up (look at the directly). This is why the black bars actually work well in this game as it forces you to look ahead when running (to see where you are going) or look at the trap-laded/item-filled floors. You can't do both at once. The same with running from enemies vs framing your escape path, you can't do both easily because the camera moves slowly and your aim always snaps to camera-direction rather than character direction (again, intentional).

It's not like they took a game and then just slapped black bars on it (watch people play it without the bars on the PC version. It's almost like a different game and miles easier as a result). The bars were added deep enough into development to make a lot of the game work around them.

Now is that to say an Evil Within 2 couldn't work without black bars? Not at all. It could be brilliant, but it wouldn't be a simple case of toggling the bars off. Fortunately a sequel offers just the chance to re-work the way things work quite extensively.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1342d ago

Some of the games mechanics need to be changed like Main character's movement, upgrades need to be simplified or removed completely, voice acting needs work, the story needs to actually have a purpose because the Evil Within's story was all over the place and inconsistent. (I understand that the game tried to make it seem like the story was inside of on man's mind, but it didn't work)

jay21342d ago

Loved number 1, can't wait for the DLC.

Articuno761342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

"The game seems to advocate the stealthy approach to killing off your foes, and yet the majority of sequences see a full room of enemies running at you the moment you walk in"

I'm not sure this is quite the issue the writer thinks it is. The point of the periodic enemy gauntlet sections is to occasionally wring you dry of your supply reserves, otherwise you'd be able to sit on an advantage of stock ammo/healing items/trap parts indefinitely. Currently playing Resident Evil Remake Remastered Redux and without the need to actually fight enemies in the first place I've got a box stacked with more ammo than I need and then some.

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