Limited Edition Bloodborne PS4 Bundles in Black and White Announced by Sony for Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it will release two limited edition bundles with a PS4 and Bloodborne in the Japanese market.

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JMaine5181338d ago

I just want that faceplate!

Abriael1338d ago

It's not sold separately from what I'm seeing :(

TheFutureIsBlue1338d ago

Wonder when the States are going to get some of those sweet plates?

guitarded771338d ago

That's just stupid if they don't sell them separately. Just more money lost. I'm rather surprised they don't do these bundles for the Western market. Sony said they made a mistake by not releasing Demon's Souls in the West because they didn't think there was a market, then it sold very well. They're kinda making the same mistake twice it seems.

Metallox1338d ago

For some reason I feel the white model it's going to sell like hotcakes. Japanese love white models.

MultiConsoleGamer1338d ago

This is something that should come to the United States. This game is going to be a big system seller.

Satyre281338d ago

The PS4 is very nice looking, incredibly sleek, but sorry to say that just looks lazy. It literally looks like a failed copy paste job, doesnt look good at all especially since it could of been so much better for a game as big as Bloodborne for PS4 in 2015.

frostypants1338d ago

Agreed. Looks cheesy. They should stick to custom color schemes, but avoid actually putting the name of the game on the console.

EmployedGamer1338d ago

I am trying to boost my subscriber base and give away my 20th Anniversary PS4. I would appreciate some of this community's help. I know a lot of people on here have interest in it.


"EmployedGamer" is begging for hits... Something seens off, but I can't quite tell what.

EmployedGamer1337d ago

Nothing off. I am no spammer, just a gamer. I am just building a YouTube channel. Nothing more.

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The story is too old to be commented.