Every Map, Every Mode in Battlefield Hardline Revealed

"DICE is busy working on the new Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2, which doesn’t give them much time to focus on making a new Battlefield game, so EA has entrusted this duty to their other owned studio, Visceral Games, who are famously known for making the Dead Space series.

Visceral’s first ever Battlefield game, Battlefield Hardline, takes the fight to the streets of metropolitan cities and leaves the battlefield behind. The following are all of the maps and modes for the new spinoff."

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DarkOcelet1341d ago

9 maps and 7 modes. Not bad, but i am honestly more interested in the sp campaign.

3-4-51341d ago

* 5 of those 7 modes are new though.

* They all sound fun to be honest. It's actually sounding like a nice change of pace from the normal shooters.

* Hostage rescue & saftey, Vault Heists, Trying to steal car while police try to impound it, hold the area.....

It's like a soft mix of GTA + Battlefield and it COULD POTENTIALLY be a lot of fun.

Still cautious though...

No_Limit1341d ago

I still have reservation abut this game. 7 modes seems great but 9 maps is standard FPS stuff but hope this one turns out good. Hope the campaign is stellar though. Not one of my top games for the first half of 2015 but still keeping an eye on it. thank god for EA Access so I can try before buy for this game.

DarkOcelet1341d ago

It will be your run in the mill samey Battlefield gameplay but what is really interesting is the story, hopefully it is good since i loved Dead space story and think Visceral Games know how to make a good story and cant wait to see their Star Wars game. I know it will be epic.

DanielEndurance1341d ago

Maps look pretty cool and varied.