13 Worlds We'd Like to See in Kingdom Hearts 3

Power Up Gaming: "Arguably, the biggest aspect that makes the Kingdom Hearts franchise a distinctly Disney product is the variety of worlds the game has to offer.

From Aladdin's Agrabah to Hercules' Olympus Coliseum, the series is jam-packed with the nostalgia explosion that is everyone's childhood. With rumours of Kingdom Hearts 3 possibly being set to release in late 2015, it's worth speculating what iconic worlds we'll have to look forward to in the Square Enix title.

Although Disney has obtained the rights to Marvel and Lucasfilm, would we dare ask to see the likes of the Hulk or Ben Kenobi in the newest Final Fantasy/Disney fangasm?

The answer to that and a bit more will be explored here in the 13 Worlds We'd Like to See in Kingdom Hearts 3."

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DarkOcelet1338d ago

No Star Wars??
No Darth Vader?
He would make an awesome boss fight like Sephiroth.

Roaddhogg1338d ago

Hey, at least Tatooine made it in.

hkgamer1338d ago

didnt really like that list.

treasure planet seems interesting but i havent seen or heard of it. just saw a floating pirate ship on its cover and that seems good enough.

tatooine is alright but that snow planet in empire strikes back would make a cooler level. actually that planet is empty, would seem a bit boring. the games most likely gonna have gummi ship so might aswell make those parts like rogue squadran and have space battles for mini games and maybe have a fight with darth vader as a bonus boss.

frozen, watched most of the movie and dont remember seeing a villian. guess it still can be a good level and it would be strange not to have a frozen level with all the craze it had been getting.

Testfire1338d ago

Frozen will be in there. KH has a big female following so they'll be sure to include it, they'd be stupid not to.

ZHZ901338d ago

Wonderland doesn't have a villain and the end of it boss fight for it was a heartless which can happen to Frozen.

rainslacker1338d ago

I've never personally saw why Frozen was so popular. It's one of the worst Disney animated movies in recent history IMO. But it is popular, so I wouldn't doubt it would make it in.

As to the rest of this list, Treasure planet would probably be pretty cool. Bit redundant maybe given that neverland was in the first game, and took place mostly on a ship with only the conclusion taking place off the ship.

I don't see midgar happening. In the first game, the FF cast(Leon/Squall) said they came from Hollow Bastion...which in itself was a plot hole since apparently they all came from there. In any case, the FF cast was greatly underused in KH1, and seemed more like fan service than anything of worth. Even the boss fights with Cloud and Sephiroth weren't all that interesting. Strangely enough though, any of the FF worlds would fit in pretty well with the KH storyline.

I could see a death star level though with darth vader at the end. Would prefer they keep out any of the prequel bad guys though, as they were pretty stupid.

I could definitely see toy story, and Cars would be cool also. Lots of possible mini-games there.

I love the Fox and the Hound, but I can't see it being interesting enough for an actual story level.

101 dalmatians story has already been used.

Tangled I could see.

I dunno, I just think they're running out of good disney content to keep it fresh. Branching out helps, but eventually it just gets silly and it becomes apparent that they are trying too hard.

ZHZ901338d ago

I like Sword in the Stone, Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Toy Story and Fox and the Hound, the rest no interest and I maybe wouldn't mind FF worlds but I doubt they'll make it.

DarkZane1338d ago

Anything Marvel related and Star Wars related doesn't belong in this game.