Silent Hills - Could you handle 20 hours of terrifying P.T. demo Gameplay?

Last week Kenny McDonnell finally built up enough intrigue, and of course courage, to attempt Hideo Kojima's demo for the falsely titled 'P.T.', the publicity stunt for the actual project which as we now know is Silent Hills. For those that haven't given it a shot yet, you can find it for free in the demo section on the Playstation Store on your PS4. But be warned.

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Thatguy-3101218d ago

The universe and the atmosphere will have to immerse the player to make it an amazing experience. P.T was so brilliant for that reason alone. That's the reason little things scared you because you would be suck into the world you were playing in. People will handle it if it's paced good and the narrative is on point.

aCasualGamer1218d ago

I have extra pair of underwear ready when i'll play Silent Hills.

Really want to know if this is gonna be first person like PT or 3rd person. They have moddeled the character after Norman so it sould be waste if we didnt get a view of the character during gameplay. If it's really Silent Hill game it oughta be in. 3rd person.

DarkOcelet1218d ago

It is going to be in 3rd person but i believe just like Silent Hill 4, its going to have some of indoor locations in first person. Either way, i honestly dont care, all i care about is Kojima is making this game so its gonna be awesome.

1218d ago
BiggerBoss1218d ago

Probably not, but I'm damn sure gonna try;)

NovusTerminus1218d ago

Maybe not... But I am going to try!

BitbyDeath1218d ago

Couldn't even complete PT.
But I am interested to see how this differs.

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The story is too old to be commented.