Resident Evil Remake HD review | MMGN

As far as remakes and re-releases go, Resident Evil HD is one of the best to hit current-gen consoles.

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ziggurcat1340d ago

i'm waiting for my voucher from sony this weekend to nab this game. looks good.

hkgamer1340d ago

i wish reviewers would talk about the new control scheme a bit more. i think it was also on the wii. ersion but that wasnt really advertised at all.

i dont care about the obvious stuff about what happens when the angle changes, i want to know what happens when navigating. is it easier to dodge enemies? when fighting bosses that needs a lot of shoot and run does the new controls break the gameplay? basically fighting the tyrant, i stop and shoot at him then i need to do a 90degree turn to the left and run to the next corner. rinse and repeat, does new controls make it too easy?

Pozzle1340d ago

The new control system is great imo. It doesn't make the game too easy, but it definitely makes controlling the characters feel more natural, and there are less instances where you'll be trying to turn away from a zombie and accidentally run straight into it instead.

Sarah_Ch1340d ago

This game is awesome but it's too hard first I choosed normal then I restarted it on easy and I'm thinking to back on normal I found this game one of the rare games that the harder you get in the more enjoyment you get

Pozzle1338d ago

My advice would be to avoid fighting as many zombies as you can, and conserve as much ammo and health items as possible. You're going to need them for the more difficult enemies that show up later in the game :)