PS Vita Exclusive Flame Over Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Upcoming roguelike Flame Over has had a brand new trailer released. The trailer is over ten minutes long with gameplay.

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Kingthrash360978d ago

And your name is VforVideogames?
lol troll logic.

OB1Biker978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Its a great playstation handheld you get lots of free games for every months on PS+ in addition to PS3 and PS4 games.
Your welcome

ZeroX9876978d ago

looks actually quite nice. 10$ would be a great price!

Dirtnose978d ago

The developers stated that they're looking around the £10 mark. That's about $15

hkgamer978d ago

what does roguelike actually mean?

Eidolon978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

randomly generated world/rooms and upon death you would have to start over.

PoSTedUP978d ago

example would be The Binding of Issiac*

Eidolon978d ago

Cool concept for a roguelike

hkgamer978d ago

so dungeon crawlers like persona roguelike aswell? or isit more diablo?

Eidolon978d ago

Maybe Diablo 3 Hardcore.. but usually roguelikes don't involve too much(or any) in-game dialogue, quests, or npcs(and towns for that matteR).. and pretty much everything is RNG. If you die, you start over and that's pretty much it.. the trick is to learn the environment(biome/theme), enemies, items, and strategies... it's generally hard to become powerful in a roguelike.

Scatpants978d ago

This looks awful. Is it for 5 year olds?