Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell bundle already discounted on PS4 and Xbox One

Amazon has discounted Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell, which was just released this week, on the PS4 and Xbox One to as low as $45.84.

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Christopher1300d ago

8% off folks! Get it while it's... really not that big of a discount...

OrangeCrush1300d ago

Especially when you can get 20% off using Best Buy's gamer club.

Heyxyz1300d ago

8% off!!! *Jumps out window to be first in line*

DanielEndurance1300d ago

Still cheaper at Best Buy if you have Gamer's Club Unlocked. Plus, it comes with a 10 dollar gift card there...

Omegabalmung1300d ago

Gotta love Gamer's Club Unlocked :)

Bathyj1300d ago

I never played SR4 so I am actually interested in this at some point. Just not now.

I just got Driveclub (which Ive been playing all week) and LBP3 (which is still in plastic) and I want Dying Light next week and The Order shortly after. And who knows I may even get Bloodbourne even though I never played a Souls game, because its looking so good.

Sorry Saints, you were a victim of a crowded schedule last year and history has repeated itself. Theres sure to be a month or two lull in games at some point this year, I may visit you then.

Christopher1300d ago

SR4 has some good parody stages in it. My favorite is the MGS parody mission.

"Okay, shoot the light."

"Why am I not shooting the guy standing next to the light?"

I didn't care for how they amped up the unnecessary difficulty of some of the challenges. You could do them, but it was just too much to be fun for me. So, I skipped them.

Powers were good and gameplay was fine.

aLucidMind1300d ago

"That light has a family!"