Windows 10 Looks Promising, but Skepticism Still Remains

Editor-in-Chief at Current Digital Magazine Gabe Carey goes as far as saying, "Windows 10 looks more like a reformation of Windows 8 than a completely new operating system."

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Hitman0769973d ago

That event confused people a lot, but I still am excited for MS new batch of software.

Dudebro90973d ago

I'm confused about nothing...

Madrigal973d ago

You confused "people" with "morons".

crazychris4124973d ago

Im worried about how are they going to be making money with Windows 10 when so many people will be using the free upgrade?? I get the idea we will be paying for stuff we wouldnt normally be paying for.

aviator189973d ago

Microsoft makes plenty of cash in other areas. I don't think you need to be worried about their financial state.

crazychris4124973d ago

Sorry for the confusion im not concerned about their financial status what i meant was we might be paying for something we wouldn't normally pay for. Sounds too good to be true that win 7, 8, 8.1 users will get win 10 for free.

No_Limit973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

And people (mostly fanboys of the opposing forces) are worrying and have concern out of kindness from their hearts that MS is losing $50 on a XB1 sold when MS are giving away Windows 10 for free like candy? LOL, MS is rich enough that they can afford giving away razors in order to sell more razor blades..if you know what I mean.

xHeavYx973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Isn't the update free for 1 year only?

No_Limit973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

"Isn't the update free for 1 year only?"

LOL, if you already have Windows 8 or 7 or even Windows RT, if you don't upgrade within a year by the time Windows 10 is out, who's fault is that? Also, all PC sold will include Windows 10 anyways when the new OS comes out so this is not even an issue and here you are, tying to rain on the parade and try to make that as a negative. LOL

tablav973d ago

Read an article a while back (sorry, don't know where so no source) that suggested that most money from Windows sales comes from Enterprise editions for large corporations and OEM versions sold to PC building companies.

So, a free upgrade for the tech-savvy who are likely to install their own OS probably won't cut into their profits too much.

mcstorm973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Your spot on but what people also don't realise is Microsoft offer other services too that the upgrade will get people to look at like Xbox music, Skype, Office 365 and more.

Plus it even half of the users who have windows 7 and windows 8 upgrade business can't throw the card there are not enough machines to create apps for that os like has been done with windows 8 and windows phone.

Ive signed up for the preview and when its released I'm going to give it a try on my surface pro 3.

I am a fan of windows 8.1 but windows 10 dose look to be the OS that could make the best all in one os for pc's tablets, phone and more.

On a side note did anyone notice Phil had a battle toeds tshirt on? Was that a hint at a new game is coming?

Madrigal973d ago

Crazy, you weren't around for W7 and 8 then? Keep on "worrying" all you want, champ.

crazychris4124973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

I have a win 7 desktop n laptop, my worries come from this.

"Later, he expounded on Microsoft’s thinking: “The thing about it is, though, we’ve got to monetize it differently. And there are services involved. There are additional opportunities for us to bring additional services to the product and do it in a creative way. And through the course of the summer and spring we’ll be announcing what that business model looks like.”

uth11973d ago

I think you will have to pay for a new license when you upgrade to a new PC.

One of the problems MS had lately is that people weren't upgrading and hanging on to XP or whatever for as long as possible.

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AD705973d ago

What I saw this new windows 10 OS doesn't look that bad. It actually looks quiet promising but I said the same for windows 8 and look how that turned out. I still think windows 10 looks good but let's wait for more of this to unravel.

Software_Lover973d ago

Skepticism is always around with everything.

I do love the direction and innovations in the new web browser. Looks promising.

AKissFromDaddy973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

I just learned that Windows 10 is a free upgrade from Windows 7 and up for one year.

That's a win. DX 12, everyone has it.

Nonetheless, I wonder which version will be free.

Malphite973d ago

Yeah that's what I wondered as well. I guess it'll be home version for everyone. It could be depend on the version you're upgrading from. Like this:

Home --> Home
Pro --> Pro
Enterprise --> Enterprise

But I doubt it. Probably just the Home version for everyone which would still be cool.

AKissFromDaddy973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Home is kinda wack, to me at least.

I have Ultimate 64 bit because it supports different languages and much more RAM and I'd prefer that version.

With Home Basic and Premium the RAM limit for 32 bit is 4GB and even the 64 bit is capped at 8GB for Basic version and 16GB for Premium version.

That's disheartening because I'm confident PC games will eventually demand 12GB RAM and above for recommended PC specs.

Nonetheless, I'm hopeful that Microsoft will 32 bit Windows OS altogether. However, the would make more money with so more many versions.

Malphite973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

@AKissfromDaddy: I don't think there will be a 32bit version of Windows 10. And if there is I'm sure there will be an option to choose 64bit for the free upgrade.

Don't worry about RAM limitations. They are almost non existant on Windows 8 already.

I'm not entirely sure why we have a RAM limit from the OS in 64bit systems at all.

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