Why I’ll Be Buying Call Of Duty World At War 2 If The Rumours Are True

Although the Call of Duty franchises previous iteration, Advanced Warfare, has only been out for a couple of months, the rumour mill is already working hard, and this time we have an interesting leak from the often trustworthy ‘hackers’ ,’Anonymous’. Much like we have the stupidly early ‘hype’ and leaks for Apple’s iClone 6s/7, the Call of Duty series has seen its latest leak, and this time its for Treyarch’s upcoming game. Usually I wouldn’t pay attention to these absurd and predictable leaks, however this one for me is a bit different.

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DarkOcelet1277d ago

As long as it doesnt have infinite grenade spawns on veteran then i wont mind it because its awesome.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Burn em out and the second to last mission when you're fighting your way into the building.

They ground my gears on veteran for grenade spamming.

Relientk771277d ago

Whatever Call of Duty comes out in 2015 I will be buying, because Treyarch is making it.

reko1277d ago

Maybe,if its friggin good.

Toiletsteak1277d ago

Why i won't be buying Call of Duty for at least a few more years:

The game has just gotten boring, i am hoping if i leave it for a few years i will get the joy out of it like i did with the old CoD days (MW1, WaW).

shloobmm31277d ago

I just hope they slow the game back down. Allow for some real strategies and not just a mad rush.

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