Gizmodo: Project Hololens Hands-On: Incredible, Amazing, Prototype-y as Hell

Gizmodo just put Microsoft's new holographic glasses on my face. It's one of the most amazing and tantalizing experiences I've ever had with a piece of technology.

Holographic glasses? What? Okay, I'll explain: Project Hololens is a headset that lets you see virtual objects and environments as if they existed in the real world. It's basically exactly what Magic Leap promises to deliver, except I can independently confirm it exists and that it legitimately blew my mind.

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No_Limit1303d ago

I remember watching the Avatar movie in 3D for the first time...I was in awe. This is the first time I have seen anything in a home application that rivals Avartar. Minecraft will explode with this.

Bennibop1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Seems like this is years away from actually hitting the shelves. Other reports have made it sound like this is 12-18 moths from release.

freshslicepizza1302d ago

they say it will release during the windows 10 timeframe, whatever that means. that could be the launch of windows 10 or any time before windows 11 comes out.

ibrake4naps1302d ago

I'd rather vr for games, but this looks really cool for other applications!

ScorpiusX1302d ago

Day one buy , get it to retail MS .