Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta Final Verdict

Katie Joell from The Gamerscore Whores writes "Now that the beta is closed we take one final look at Halo 5 and weigh in our opinions prior to the games launch. Have 343 Industries managed to rekindle some of that old Halo flavour? Or does it feel like a totally new game?"

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Foehammer1273d ago

Looking good

11 more months is my guess

towelie12881272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Great Beta but they got to fix a few things but love it soo far

love the arena style competitive gameplay
and also great maps except those couple of forge maps
also great sounds aswell!!

GamerscoreWhores1272d ago

Yeah, some of the maps are great, some are meh.

CloudRap1272d ago

It was pretty good.

but um 343......
fix that MCC.

XB1_PS41272d ago

I played last night with 0 issues for like 3 hours.

LAWSON721272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

You must be lucky I played it for 3+ hrs and had a issue arise every 2-3 games, where either

A) party system kicked us out of party while still searching, which often led to a discussion of 'I can't join your game' and playing a game of which friend can I join.

B) Someone would get stuck with the synchronizing data notification and had to force close the game and a lot of the times it led to the fun conversation and game mentioned above

C) Game or load of game would crash, multiple problems actually, either
a) load bar would not appear, force close game
b) load bar would stop and then just go back to the lobby
c) actually managed to just randomly black screen and game would end (happened to everybody in game)
d) the last thing that happened last night was I managed to get into a seperate game by myself without the party, I had a classic 1v0 game

I am sure if I think about I can recount many more issues.

The only noticeable improvements are party works sometimes, matchmaking works slowly, and crazy stuff like getting FFA in team slayer does not happen.

Wikkid6661272d ago

MCC will begin beta testing an update soon.

strangeaeon1272d ago

Are they just doing away with large BTB maps with vehicles?

spicelicka1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Hey! Don't ever bring that thought in your head again! BTB is the soul of halo, they would never even think of doing away with it. This is an arena beta, that's why it specifically says at the beginning "arena multiplayer beta". They just want to test the basic controls, and the competitive aspect of it. BTB doesn't really require a beta because they can apply these same controls and abilities, just on a bigger scale.

strangeaeon1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Thanks, I played the beta but was still unsure of that. I also sucked immensely at the beta, felt like a toddler vs. Mike Tyson.I got wise and stopped aiming down sights for the most part and used hip fire more, so I was getting better. Still nowhere near the skill of the Arena style crazies.

GamerscoreWhores1272d ago

I found when going into aim-sights that i hung in the air.

spicelicka1272d ago


Yea that's actually a new ability, if you zoom in while jumping your boosters hold you up for a few seconds so you have a vantage point, but you're also exposed so you have to be careful.

spicelicka1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Yea that's understandable, people are very skilled at this game, which is why it's such an amazing game. There's no tricks or cheap free-kill powers, you win if you have the skill. A skilled player with a pistol can take down a non-skilled player even if he has a rocket.

But don't worry, arena modes are more for the competitive players, I'm sure most of the beta was hardcore players.

My suggestion would be to switch the controls to "halo 4" in options, so aim down is right stick instead of left trigger, like traditional halo. People immediately start playing it like Cod when they notice left trigger is to aim down, then they complain it's like Cod because they're playing it like Cod (and they suck btw). Not that it matters now, the beta is done, but for future.

mcstorm1272d ago

I hope your right about "I'm sure most of the beta was hardcore players" as I got hammered on the beta all the time. I go back to MCC and im fine with it.

Even though I got hammered all the time I still enjoyed the beta and it felt like Halo which to me was a good thing as im sick of the COD/BF type games.

GamerscoreWhores1272d ago

I got quite decent balancing to be honest with the players i came across, not on MCC though.

Genuine-User1272d ago

I enjoyed it more than Halo 4's multiplayer.

GamerscoreWhores1272d ago

Same. It feels so much more quicker paced.

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