Sony reckons it'll do a PS4

Sony says it would be "rather short-sighted" to suggest there won't be a PlayStation 4, after Nomura analyst Yuta Sakurai did just that.

Speaking to the Financial Times in the wake of Sony's decision to to promote Kaz Hirai, Sakurai said he thought SCE's future would be determined by the former US boss's relationship with worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison.

But far more interesting were his thoughts on Sony's direction. "The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software," he suggested. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation 4." (You think you've got it bad, Yuta - most of us in Europe cannot now imagine a PlayStation 3.)

Inevitably, Sony has responded, with US spokesperson Dave Karraker telling GameSpot: "Following the launch of the PlayStation 3 just a few weeks ago, and witnessing the huge consumer demand for the product, I think it would be rather short-sighted for anyone to predict there might not be a next generation of PlayStation product."

Indeed, Sony's never made any suggestion that it plans to stop with PS3 - Hirai himself having noted that a PS4 is in his plans, and Phil Harrison having speculated on whether it will use discs or an e-distribution model.

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calderra4371d ago

As heard by several media sources at Sony's e3 06 showing, from more than one reporter:
"...there will be no PlayStation 4."

There will definately BE a PS4, but I think the real hope is that Sony will learn from its hubris and get their act together. Statements like "PS3 is ready to launch in Spring 2006" and "PS3 will not have an online service to compete with Xbox Live" are things that no company should willingly continue allowing from its PR bosses.

If not for the constant BS from execs, PS3 would be in a much better place in the market. (and Kutaragi would still have his old job)

Marty83704371d ago

If there was your fools for thinking that.

DeathNote14371d ago

yep. there will be a ps4.

since the market share will be split closely between wii,360,ps3. it's smart to get in the software direction.. to regain your ground.. since that's the battle now. games.

MissAubrey4371d ago

isnt PS3 future proof? cant Cell learn new tricks?

marcusfenix4371d ago

They screwed up the console gaming industry. Their games comprise of sequels hardly any original IP's thats why sony and ea get along so well, because they have the same mentality. Why don't we just milk as much money as we can for the same product over and over and over again, but lets just make it prettier, cut out modes, and not improve gameplay.

DeathNote14371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

isn't that what the 360 is doing themselves? high res graphics, last gen gameplay. milking fps's to death, doing sequals for halo 3, 2 more gears of wars, tom clancy's, sports. the dev's choose how much they want to milk the same thing. and yet you "hate sony"? sorry xbot, you fail to deliver a valid argument. if you're a nintendo fanboy, you're right, the wii is the only innovative system gameplay-wise. nintendo still milks mario, dk, and etc tho. as far as sony goes.. the big name sequels like dmc4, ff, etc. they all have great new timeless storylines.

Juevani4371d ago

are u stupid kid?? the ps3 costed sony 800$ 2 make and they're sellin it 4 600, wft are u talkin about kid?? think before u post next time.

marcusfenix4371d ago

after sequel trend. Nintendo did as well but not as bad. PC is the only place to play original games not sequels. Thats why aI have a 360 and an alienware laptop. SO I can have the best of both worlds. Beside the 360 has more original IPs being release than the ps3.

Anerythristic264371d ago

Oh man do I agree with you ! Sony is BAD for gaming , this is something I have been saying on this site for a while. Sequel after sequel. Anyone using Halo "3" as an example is insane, with the Playstation we are talking about 5's and 7's and 13's. MS is really rolling out alot of orginal concepts with changes to existing genres. If there is a PS4 the Playstation fans ( not gamers ) will still go crazy for the DMC6 , Tekken 9 , FF 15. uGH

MissAubrey4371d ago

Are you stupid? PS3 Costed 800$ to make eh? Let's learn how to speak proper english.

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