Battlefield Hardline Q&A With Lead MP Dev – New Details On Unlocks, Player Counts, The Beta, & More

MP1st - Following today’s earlier Battlefield Hardline multiplayer map and game mode reveals, lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser took to social media to answer a few burning questions from the Battlefield community.

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detroitmademe1272d ago

i know im in the minority but im looking foward to this hoping the battlefied series can start to move in the right direction with this one.

Adexus1272d ago

So far they seem to be making all the right moves, especially in terms of balancing it, looking forward to the beta!

Dirtnapstor1272d ago

Perhaps this MP will fill the void that was Medal of Honor. Looking forward to the campaign.

Voozi1272d ago

Open Beta should be coming very soon :D Can't wait!