The Order: 1886 – GamersPost Preview – Standout or just Hyped too much?

"The Order: 1886 is set in the Victorian era in London. The whole game is in an alternative world living an alternative history, but based on the clothes, armors, weapons and tools which were available back in the Victorian era. If you can remember, another game is coming out this year, Assassin’s Creed: Victory, which is also set in the Victorian London." - GamersPost

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SoapShoes1274d ago

Did you not see today's trailer and the feedback trailer? Lots of hype as of today. Oh and it's the most preordered game in North America currently.

Army_of_Darkness1274d ago

Watch dogs was hyped. AC unity was hyped. All COD games are hyped. This game however, was Hated way more than it was hyped.
But after today, that all might change ;-)

morganfell1274d ago

The game isn't being hyped. This is what you are missing. Instead fans are responding to what they are seeing. Apparently you think its normal when fans attack the game but when they fly apart after seeing that all in game trailer today suddenly its hype. No, just no.

Bathyj1274d ago

Wow, that trailer was nice, did you see that guys head come off? Looking forward to this.

starchild1274d ago


You can't be serious. Watch Dogs and AC Unity were hated on in a major way long before they ever came out.

The Order 1886 has had a huge amount of excitement surrounding it. Yes, there have been some fairly negative previews, but that doesn't change that it is very hyped among many gamers.

I know I'm excited for it.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1274d ago

Exactly, this game has had more bad press than anything.

Gamer19821274d ago

The latest trailer has 10,000 views yet will sell millions in its first week I would say that's not a lot of hype. In fact unlike MS Sony underhypes and under advertises there games.. At least in the UK and US.. I ehard outside them two its differnt as MS doesn't spend as much on advertising.

its_JEFF1274d ago

Same thing in the US. It always left me scratching my head, how is it that Sony relies so little on Advertising when it is a proven method for getting people to buy your game. They got a new ad agency a few years back and I thought things would change, but it doesn't seem to have changed all that much. They still under advertise their games.

Sharky2311274d ago

I keep hearing about all this hype! All you really hear is how this game is doomed. I'm gonna let the game do the talking not a lot of people who probably haven't played the game. After the new trailer I'm a little more excited for this game!

3-4-51274d ago

1886 looks awesome. It's my #1 reason to eventually get a PS4.

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Rimeskeem1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I try to keep my expectations low for the most part. That being said it has been challenging for me to keep in my excitement for this game.

oh and uh STANDOUT

THC CELL1274d ago

They done really well not to show spoilers etc can't wait to see this game

KDaniel1274d ago

cant wait for the first gameplay

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