Star Citizen and Chris Roberts’ Masterclass

Whether or not Star Citizen turns out exactly as Roberts promises, the industry's landscape won't be the same after its release.

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ATi_Elite1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

People keep saying that StarCitizen may not live up to expectation but then turn around and hype up No Man's Land and most don't even realize nms is really not even a game but just you flying around infinitely around landing on planets looking at weird colored dinosaurs and that's it.

no challenge, no enemies, no real game play.

StarCitizen will achieve all that is promised and Chris is giving us, yes US THIS WHO GAME HIM $70 million to make StarCitizen modules to play and test and most importantly get feedback from.

If you didn't back StarCitizen then you have no clue to what the facts are so why continue the negative talk about it never being playable or not turning out right.

I think industry insiders are the ones spreading this hate because once StarCitizen releases it's gonna make Devs and pubs step their game up because StarCitizen will show the world what a proper unlimited scale open Galaxy game should be like as StarCitizen's only limitations will be your ship class and your in game bank account.

StarCitizen is the industry game changer that is gonna push not just Pc Gaming further but gaming as a whole further.

And yes im a backer and so far everything is grand.

StarCitizen is not Warcraft or Call of Duty or Zelda or Mass Effect or Grand Theft Auto because it is basically all of those rolled into one game providing the same adventure shooting flying exploring questing crafting story and freedom of those games but still 1000 bigger than them all combined.