Hideki Kamiya: Making Scalebound with a Western publisher

Up until now, the style of the Japanese publishers I've worked with is, for better or worse, 'good-ol'-days game development,'" says Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya. "To be blunt, their vibe is 'as long as it works out in the end.' Microsoft is the first overseas publisher I've worked with, but is seems like the overseas style is, for better or worse, 'next-generation game development.' It is focused not just on the final result, but also on the process you take to get there. For someone as irresponsible as I am, it's hard to get my head around sometimes."

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Barnaby-Jones1304d ago

My most anticipated game after Quantum Break. It really excites me to hear Scalebound is the game Kamiya always wanted to create. Definitely gonna be awesome!

christocolus1304d ago

its also mine but im also eager to see halo5sp , rares unannounced ips and gears4.

Barnaby-Jones1304d ago

No doubt, i'm also gonna get Halo 5 and Gears but I am really interested in all the new ips. Glad Rare is gonna announce some stuff this year.

gangsta_red1304d ago

There's no doubt that this game is going to be as over the top and loads of fun as their other games and with multi-player I'm sure this game is going to be epic.

Moldiver1304d ago

looking forward to this

On a side note: that man has impeccable dress sense. Tyring to figure out where I can get that cardigan!

Kingdomcome2471304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Please just give us a tiny peek. I have to see it. I absolutely love that he states that it's an original concept.

YoungKingDoran1304d ago

I'll be honest, I was pretty turned off at the start of this gen with some of Microsoft's decisions. But it seems like every week I hear about something that I want or need to play*
So I have decided to get an Xbox One.
That is all.

*E.g.: Scalebound, Quantum Break, Cuphead, Ori and potentially: Hololens, Battletoads and Banjo

hkgamer1304d ago

i really wish scalebound, quantom break and cuphead would come out on ps4. its obvious why it wont happen but those games look so great.

i dont really want to but an xbone so soon.

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