Sony’s 10% Discount Voucher in Apology for Holidays PSN Outage Actually Does Not Work on Pre-Orders

Sony issued a correction today to its original statement made a couple days ago, announcing that the upcoming 10% discount voucher that we’re going to receive this weekend in apology for the Holidays PSN outage actually won’t work on pre-orders.

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AceBlazer131304d ago

Oh wow, i was expecting it but a part of me was hoping they don't be smartasses with their discount. When something seems to good to be true it usually is.

Still appreciated though.

TKCMuzzer1304d ago

It would only work if people actually paid for their pre order at the time of pre ordering. If they allowed for non paid pre orders people would apply it to a pre order months away with no guarantee they will still purchase the game.
I imagine with so many people getting a discount Sony need to confine it to a very short space of time as not to cause future issues.

TFJWM1304d ago

All pre-orders in the US store are paid, the issue is you can not add it to your cart you just buy it

TKCMuzzer1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

For note, in the UK you can preorder a game and still cancel it of you have not paid or before Sony take the funds, so anything up to three days before release.
Remember, the discount is worldwide, so everyone has to have the same opportunities, so what would work in the US would not necessarily work in the rest of the world and vice versa.

chrismichaels041304d ago

Im planning on using my 10% discount on Resident Evil ReMastered and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell anyway. So no problem here.

TKCMuzzer1304d ago

N4G users sort yourself out, you disagreed with someone who just explained what they were going to use their 10% discount on. Do you think he was lying?

Army_of_Darkness1304d ago

Maybe they didn't like the saints row part ;-) LOL!

F0XHOUND1304d ago

Its only a good thing we are getting this. You forget they didn't have to at all!

spacedelete1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

do what ? give $2 off ? oh how generous. you fanboys will do anything to make Sony sound amazing. they did this so people spend money they aren't doing it from the bottom of their hearts. 50% should have been given not a lame 10%. it will cost me more than that just to travel to get a PSN card.

BLow1304d ago

50%? Really? For their service being out for some and not all people on top of the five days they gave away for PS+. Did single player games cease to exist doing the downtime. Gamers today I swear. You love a very expensive hobbie yet you dont want to spend money. A company tries to right a wrong yet people still complain. Can't please everyone I guess. Someone will always bitch no matter what. Did Sony even have to do anything? Nope. Just be happy you got something. Why did I just waste my time.. O_o

user55757081304d ago

10% off is to entice purchases its really a half-assed apology that is going to boost digital sales for a short period because many people will feel compelled to use the 10% off voucher and possibly make purchases they would not have. by no means did they not have their best interest in mind when they did this

now on the other hand if you already planned on making a digital purchase then this is just a little something nice

NovusTerminus1304d ago

Damn... I was going to put it towards my Dying Light pre-order...

TKCMuzzer1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Just buy it from a retailer, that equates to about a 20% discount here in the UK due to the price on the store.

NovusTerminus1304d ago

Going to be playing it Co-Op with my brother. If we go digital then we only have to buy 1 copy instead of 2...

Transporter471304d ago

The blog comments said it work with anything in the cart. I will be sad if it doesn't work with preorders : (

Clover9041304d ago

Go ahead and let the tears roll, because Sony has clearly stated that the blog was wrong. The deal does not work with pre-orders.

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