The Secret Depth Of Uncharted 4’s Art Design

Game Informer: "The dense foliage of Madagascar holds many secrets. The bones of the dead highlight failed attempts at uncovering its mysteries, and the trees blanket the sigils that once pointed to the whereabouts of a lifetime of riches.

This world is teeming with life. Birds take to the skies, waterfalls tumble in the distance, and the lush greenery flows peacefully in the wind. Although you may never notice it, the world is also feeding off of the emotions of its latest visitor, veteran treasure hunter Nathan Drake."

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Jackhass1275d ago

I dunno -- I'd prefer they'd focus on things I will notice.

Bathyj1275d ago

Yeah, theyre probably not even interested in things like story, dialogue, Character, action set pieces, gameplay, adrenalin. Its all about the leaves.

Do I really have to say Sarcasm?

Hes talking shaping the environment to reflect the mood and atmosphere the character is currently experiencing. Its a subtle effect, thats why you might not notice, but subconsciously you do and hopefully feel empathy for Drake. The things you dont really notice are there, you tend to notice when theyre NOT there.

Nathan1701275d ago

Color scripting...(we learn new things everyday)