We want your memories

Browsing through the gaming world news and all you can find is a post along the lines of..

5 reasons this game sucked or 10 things that could have made this game better and my personal favourite just because it got a 10/108.

We here at That Gaming Site are very sick of reading these type of posts. So now lets start a whole new post.....

Instead of picking out the most stupid flaws of a game why not dig deep and right about what made this game memorable for you?

Like that time you was running innocent pedestrians over in vice city, whilst rocking your head to Aneka - Japanese Boy


When you used to play Abe's Odyssey back on the PS1 and you just couldn't help but press the fart button and get everyone killed.

So now lets here your memories.

hit the link and


All memories should be commented on the site as That Gaming Site will be selecting there favourite memories in an upcoming post.

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chaosatom3668d ago

All I gotta say is FF7.

Massive-Delusion3668d ago

I remember playing an Abe's Odyssey Demo on the PS1...Ah, I'm getting all nostalgic now...

Mr_cheese3668d ago

If you hit the link and write them on the site, we are going to be selecting the best memories in a following post. Just a bit of fun but will be good to hear some of the stories

Mr PS33668d ago

For a Playstation owner like myself to mention
But put simply
Buying my first Playstation PS1
Buying my second Playstation PS2
And the Buying my third Playstation PS3

You see
Being a Playstation owner from the PS1 to now Having the pleasure to own a PS3
Has been nothing but The Best Gaming Memory's
And the only Good memory i have of the Xbox is the RROD

dro3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

me playing STREET FIGHTER turbo on nintendo when i was like 6 or 8 years old.i was just taping and rubbing any buttons and i got blisters, my mom then took the game away from me cuz she tought i was getting to addicted :(

Mr_cheese3668d ago

hit the the link and write a way we want to hear it!

Peow3668d ago

I remember when games werent about how big someones gamerscore is. None of this my e-penis is bigger bullcrap. When gaming wasn't about how ever many FPS, pixels, graphics, or anything like that. It was about having fun.

I remember when all sorts of great epic titles were released. Zelda; Links to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, FFVII, FFIX, Mario 64, hell every mario game up to Mario 64. Need I mention more? Nowadays we just have repetitive short games like Uncharted, Gears, Bioshock, and Halo. Nothing is as fun as they used to be. It's just about someones gamerscore being bigger. Gaming isn't friendly like it used to be. Gaming is now ONLY AND ALL about competition and online games. No expansive storylines anymore. The only game of this gen to have a great storyline would be MGS4. Apart from that, everything is cheesy and crap.

Gaming sucks these days. I hear there's a wonderful world called the "outside" maybe. I may just go explore it. Knowing me all I could think about is "I'd love to see this in a video game!" or start playing real life oblivion in the woods or something. Dammit. I hate the internet, I hate games, life is boring. I hate being 16. I hate our governor(Illinois) for practically delaying my dreams and a job until november. This damn 9 month driving period with a permit is killing me. I'm 16. I should have my license already. I HATE BLAGOJEVITCH!

Sorry for getting off topic, I'm still in a very, very bad mood.

perseus3668d ago

In 15 years, this license stuff won't seem so important anymore. You will look back and wonder why you got so stressed out about it.

Just hang back and let yourself have some free time. Enjoy it.

CurlUpAndDie3668d ago

all i have to say is, Kid Chameleon.