Microsoft Is Working On Streaming From The PC To The Xbox One

At the Windows 10 briefing today, Microsoft announced that you’ll be able to stream Xbox One titles to a Windows 10 PC or tablet in your house. The company is working on making that a two-way street.

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Foehammer1152d ago

Hail to the King baby

That would be awesome

XBLSkull1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Practically making the SteamBox and PS4 irrelevant in a single day, keep up the good work Microsoft, I'm gonna be able to take my home entertainment setup to the next level with these technologies, the future never looked brighter!

Too bad Obama's State of the Union was last night, he'd have a lot cooler stuff to talk about had he waited until tonight.

3-4-51152d ago

Steambox is never going to be a "thing"..

PS4 isn't effected by this at all because it will always have a strong loyal fanbase.

Tons of good news for XB1/PC owners though.

4Sh0w1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Lol, dont know how this even *remotely make ps4 or steam irrevelant both still have games and gamers who want to play on those platforms, but whatever.

OT this is very cool, Im looking forward to using other devices to play my games. No doubt whenever possible Im always going to game on my big screen but its cool to have a *little option with some headphones right next to my bed for unforseen midnight fix. I really like where
microsoft are headed with the streaming, pc/X1 cross play, Windows10/X1 apps ecosystem, generally improving the box and their whole approach to exploring making their products more accessible. X1 has quickly become one of my best investments ever.

Automatic791152d ago

I agree foehammer great feature.

DeadlyOreo1152d ago

Foehammer: hail to the king baby.

Bless him, you can always trust Foehammer to say silly things like this.

strangeaeon1152d ago

Is it ok for him to be excited? Sheesh.

just_looken1152d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dlacy13g1152d ago

If they can make this work right... which given they already have half the equation done (x1 to pc) it would seemingly make Windows 10 / Xbox 1 a truly powerful gaming tandem.

otherZinc1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Agreed Foehammer.

Fable Legends looks great in campaign co-op.
Halo 5 & Forza 6 will be 1080p 60fps, as Forza Motorsport 5 was at launch.

The Windows 10 Event was a difference making show.

ATi_Elite1152d ago

I have a better idea.

Instead of streaming how about MS just offer up its catalog of games to be played directly on a Pc with no need for a xb1.

I would gladly play $25 a piece for several xbox exclusives.

Also this is NOT competition for Steam Machines because it's just gonna turn them into Pc Gamers.

Gamer19821152d ago

Silly the other way around and probably not lucrative enough for MS to do so. Purely because of the lack of demand for the technology. I mean seriously how many Xbox One gamers have more powerful PCs want to stream to there Xbox?? As you wouldn't if Your Xbox games were better.. Also you can do the whole process with a simple HDMI lead from your graphics card into your TV.. Cut out the whole XBOX.. Save yourself an absolute fortune in electricity AND no chance of accidently losing connection mid game. Its not like Xbox is portable..

I think people are just looking for unnecessary features here.. What would be better is Xbox One streaming to your 360! So you can play your Xbox games in your bedroom. Kinda like turning your old 360 into a playstation TV. But of course since that won't be based on windows 10 it probably won't happen which is a shame as that would be a better tech and would sell a crap load of 360s especially at current price.. I mean if Sony can make a device that sells for $80 do it surely the Xbox 360 can?

Clunkyd1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )


ABizzel11152d ago


For once I agree with you. This would be huge for MS, but there's some issues. First it means people will have to have a gaming PC and XBO to take advantage of this, and most likely the PC will be powering the games, which means that it needs to still be a pretty good build of a PC, otherwise you're better off still getting the games on XBO. Regardless it opens the door for literally thousands of games

Now MS send me my check, you've been reading my blog and comments, because everything in this conference was stuff I've been saying they need to do for years.

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aviator1891152d ago

Now this would be just great.
Streaming from my xbox one to my laptop already sounds awesome, but if they actually manage to pull this off as well, I'll be one happy gamer.

Moldiver1152d ago

Indeed. I could play all my steam games, on my big TV then :)

NiteX1152d ago

Why can't you do that now?

Moldiver1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )


Because my PC is in my home office/studio attached to two 23" LG IPS monitors. Also my PC is wrapped in an NzXT phantom case with a shit load of goodies inside. Its no fly weight, thats for sure. I think it weighs more than my vacuum cleaner to be honest.

My xbox is in my living room. with my couch, my coffee table and my sky satelite TV box, and of course my PS4. I would rather play firefall and hawken on my couch than in my office chair. Gives me numb butt after a few hours.And is not so cozy after a few strong drinks. I want to put my feet up and sprawl out in my couch, while I game. But I aint Moving My PC to the living room to do that. Its main purpose is for work/music creation/recording and booking clients. Inspite of this...I still have an Nvidia GTX670 and 20 games on my steam account. It would be nice to play firefall, hawken and asseto corsa on my 65" in my living room. On my couch!

Gamer19821152d ago
Erm you can easily do that now wihtout the need for ruunning your Xbox while playing which will eat your electricity the above device may seem expensive but after a year you will have saved in energy costs not to mention there are cheaper devices thats just the best around. PC gaming on TV has been around for YEARS. You could even just get a long ass HDMI from your room to living room.. WAYYYY cheaper.. Think about the energy costs of running a PC AND an Xbox to play a PC game.. Thats just STUPID.

Xbox to PC is fine as it can be ran on portables which use low power like tablets and laptops. Other way around is just daft.

xfiles20991152d ago

There will be restrictions Like only being able to do this with Microsoft games.

Dlacy13g1152d ago

I doubt that it will be only Microsoft games. I think the restriction will be a Gold Subscription required to stream from X1 to PC and likewise to stream from PC to X1.

1152d ago
xfiles20991152d ago

No there will be restrictions trust me They are not going to let you stream any game from PC to Xbone not happening

aviator1891152d ago

Why would I trust you?
I'd rather just wait until they confirm the details.
Besides, I imagine such a capability is a bit ways off anyways.

Moldiver1152d ago


"No there will be restrictions trust me" dont work for MS or are you qualified to say what will and wont be streamable. If it can stream from Pc, then that means it will stream whatever is active on my PC screens.The only restriction I forsee is whether or not the game is controller compatible. I am sure MS will allow KB/M support following windows 10, so again..its a moot point. And I cant see valve stopping it as it has no effect on what I buy on steam.

so please. Explain how and where these restrictions will come from seeing as you are so sure about it. Simply taking your word for it is not good enough.

"They are not going to let you stream any game from PC to Xbone not happening"

Again...If I am at my windows desktop, streamed to my XB1, how does that work? does some screen magically pop up telling me I can access what is already installed within windows on my computer? I dont see that happening.

so explain your point of view.

NiteX1152d ago

I guess these people don't remember the Xbox 360s "backwards compatibility".

Gamer19821152d ago

"I guess these people don't remember the Xbox 360s "backwards compatibility".

I guess you dont remember that being there DAY 1.

I agree with him though the demand wont be high enough for it over actual REAL improvements that need to be made to the XBOX. Like new features the majority of people want.

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hello121152d ago

Thats a Megaton announcement steam on x box 1

No_Limit1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Wait, you mean I can play PS exclusives like Planetside 2 and SFV on my XB1!?

J/k, I know you will still require to run those games off a PC but it is nice that that option of streaming goes both ways. Windows 10 looks and sounds awesome so far. I imagine I could stream Steam games from the PC in my room and play it on a 52' inch TV in my living room with a XB1 controller. Sounds awesome.

LaChance1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

"Wait, you mean I can play PS exclusives like Planetside 2 and SFV on my XB1!? "

Lol that would be the end to all console wars. MS win by KO. N4G would crash.

xfiles20991152d ago

Wont happen I keep telling you people there are going to be restrictions.

TKCMuzzer1152d ago

I imagine like many things these days, the games will have to validated to stream and allowed by the publisher.

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