Developers React to Microsoft's HoloLens Announcement

VRFocus - Is Microsoft working in virtual reality (VR)? It’s quite possible, but today’s Windows 10 media briefing at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington didn’t confirm any such details. Instead, the technology giant revealed Windows Holographic, a new hologram-based concept that works with a see-through head-mounted display (HMD) named HoloLens. It’s certainly an exciting new concept, but what does the VR community make of it?

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nicksetzer11271d ago

Seems to be where I am at. It would be revolutionary, but hardly believable to think it works as it is being marketed. If it does though, MS just found their next multi-billion dollar products.

NatureOfLogic_1271d ago

As far as games go, this device will be the odd man out when compared to Oculus Rift, Morpheus and mobile VR devices. I doubt this tech will get as much gaming support as VR devices but I'm very interested in Its uses outside of gaming.

srd44841271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I think MS is going after the bigger market with this. And that includes Minecraft. Seeing them using Skype with this with realtime interaction. Can't wait.

AliTheSnake11271d ago

ARI anybody ?
Heavy rain's glasses, used by Norman Jayden

UltraNova1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

The potential use in the business world, home and daily commute infrastructure dwarfs that of gaming.

MS is looking ahead on the grand scheme of things, gaming is just a side effect to them when they are trying to compete with the likes of Google when it comes to incorporating futuristic tech in our lives.

jrshankill1270d ago

Serious? This has way more potential than VR devices.

BC_Master_Haze1270d ago

Honestly the first thing that comes to my mind is education, having a computer lab with these rather than plain PCs could be a great tool for teachers if they were all viewing the virtual objects created simultaneously. Students being able to dissect the inner workings of their projects before the classes eyes, autocad support would be monumental.

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Muzikguy1271d ago

I agree with you and @Nature. I've not seen anything "revolutionary" with AR yet and it has been used since the PS2. I'm also thinking that options are quite limited when it comes to gaming. Sounds a little bit like Kinect and Cloud talk to me. Not buying into any hype like that until I see it and time passes where it's being used as advertised

blackout1271d ago

Why gaming, gaming, gaming. Open up your brains. That is what this tech is all about.

Muzikguy1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I never said anything about there not being possibilities outside of gaming. Chill out man. This is a "gaming" website. It's the biggest subject of conversation around here! Articles about this HoloLens have been submitted all day with gaming being talked about too. I'm pretty sure my "brains" couldn't be more open to the possibilities and ideas. This is why I also have questions. It's called thinking ahead

Grap1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

lololololol.I love when these guys use the"since PS2". never gets old.
Anyway on the topic..
I hope Microsoft takes it time with this tech i don't want tech demo for consumer use.

iiorestesii1270d ago

Fanboys, instead of getting frustrated and saying "there is much potential!", why not say what this device could potentially offer outside of what google glass already has (ie skype). "Theres so much potential!!! O ya!! O ya!!" lol . Anything but a discussion I guess. This site has me convinced that English is obsolete.

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hello121271d ago

Nick they had a live demo on stage it was shown in real time its not just an idea.

Studio-YaMi1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It was shown in a live demo,but no where near as to what they are advertising,it's not smooth,it's clunky,slow and bugs when you try to do quick movements to reach or choose something.

It's great on papers and in commercials,just like Kinect was,hopefully it doesn't go the way Kinect did,if they play their cards right and make the experience as smooth as possible,then this will be a major hit,other than that,it would be a glitchy,clunky mess that will bring a LOT of sad faces.

Unspoken1270d ago


Did you get to go to the demo?

Many of the articles from websites that have even trashed Microsoft were amazed during the demos. They commented on the prototypes not being finished but the experience was still very impressive. That sounds very promising.

St0rmbr1nger11111270d ago

You really need to take the time to re-watch the Milo demo (portrayed as real-time). Seriously, go watch it again. It's embarrassing how badly that technology was misrepresented.

I_am_Batman1271d ago

Yeah there probably will be a difference between the advertising vids and the real thing. But to be honest it doesn't need to be perfect right away. It just needs to be good enough for now. If this becomes a market with different companies investing in it and bringing their own ideas to the table, we'll get there over time.

BallsEye1271d ago
read WIRED hands on. It's exactly as advertised. Mars demo and everything else is real.

miyamoto1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

"MS just found their next multi-billion dollar products."
-like the promise of Project Natal and Milo a.k.a. Kinect?

Death1270d ago

I don't understand why so many say AR will fail because of Kinect. Kinect is still supported by Microsoft and was included with every Xbox One at $100 more per console before Microsoft pulled it due to lower sales than they anticipated. If Kinect means Holo will fail, what chance does Morpheus have when Move also "failed"? Does anyone even know why we have pretty blue lights on our PS4 controllers? It's been over a year and all they do is drain the controllers batteries faster.

uptownsoul1270d ago


As far as gaming is concerned, Morpheus has way more potential than Hololens. And let me explain why:

1) Project Morpheus can do Virtual Reality

2) All Sony needs to do is add a front facing camera and it will do all the Augmented Reality that Hololens can do

andibandit1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )



instead of looking at my desk with my own eyes, i'd be wearing a semi-helmet with 2 screens 1 inch from my eyes, looking at a image captured by a front facing camera mounted on the same helmet, also wearing a pair of headphones and theres a chance to get a portion of motionsickness on the side.

Dude you are win

uptownsoul1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


Yes, seriously…Adding a front facing camera to Project Morpheus would allow for BOTH AR & VR…And that's bad to you? I mean, it may not be for you, fine…But adding a camera to turn Morpheus from just VR to AR+VR is bad in your opinion???

BTW, Hololens would be projecting the augmented images to 2 screens an inch away from your eyes as well

Dewitt1270d ago

Let me know when Morpheus is a stand alone device and not just a peripheral. The hololens has a high end CPU, GPU, and HPU and can run a full OS right through the device.

uptownsoul1270d ago


I was actually talking about the HoloLens as it pertains to Xbox One games…But I grant you that the HoloLens probably has enough specs to run some smaller featured games on its own (and Morpheus, to your point, doesn't)

Death1269d ago


I'm ok with you having absolutely no idea how Holo works since it's pretty technical. I am a bit surprised that you don't know the difference between looking through a clear screen vs looking at a monitor and black piece of plastic. For you to augment reality you really should be able to participate in it.

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LexHazard791271d ago

Did you see the same event that I saw? "Hardly found it believable to think it works as it is being marketed" did you not see the hands on presentation?

lelo2play1270d ago

Technology looks amazing... if it works.

VforVideogames1270d ago

How can a software company like Microsoft build a better and a revolutionary hardware than a hardware company like Sony?

ABizzel11270d ago

Like I said about Oculus and Morpheus, I think VR could legitimately be the next big thing for gaming. The problem is the time and cost it takes to make AAA games is already high and demanding, so adding a true VR experience (not use first person head tracking) into a game would only make things even more time consuming, costly, and could lead to even more broken games launching and being patched later.

VR is still in it's infancy and it's going to take several years before PC gaming really takes off with VR and another console generation before VR can be put into full effect on consoles.

Everything MS showed was revolutionary demonstration wise. The problem is none of this will be ready for years and probably a decade or two on the consumer level. MS 2010 vision of the future discussed many of the things in their presentations yesterday, with only one of the things coming to life "the 87" 4k UHD Whiteboard".

But even then the one in the showing didn't have nearly the level of interactivity that the one in their 2011 video of future tech video, and here we are 4 years later, with what should be the easiest of the technologies being developed still not available on a mass scale.

That doesn't bold well for the untapped technology such as in home holograms. Especially considering the sense of scale they hope to achieve and the cost. The last major hologram showcase I remember was Tupac at Coachella and according to the designer that cost no less than $100,000 to design for a short 4 minute showing (and said it could easily cost $400,000 or more). Yet this is suppose to be everyday household tech.

It's nice to see what they're aiming for in the future, it's nice to see the first steps being taken, it's nice to see a product finally coming to market sometime soon although limited from it's initial showing (White board). But as the developers and engineers said here take it all with a mountain of salt, because while it's truly impressive tech, it's all years or decades off from becoming everyday household use.

Regardless good luck MS on attempting to move technology forward, and hopefully more companies will take chances like this and start showing where they envision their company and technology being years from now. It's always fresh, fun, enlightening, and hopeful seeing these kind of events.

Death1269d ago


That was so much spinning I got a little dizzy reading it. Microsoft stated Hololenz would come out with the release of Windows 10. Windows 10 releases this year. Even if we twist that to "within Windows 10" release, it's still a few years at most. How do you see that as decades?

How are you even comparing Hololens which is a personal headmounted device to Tupac which was done for an arena seen by thousands without any HMD?

Hololens wasn't a technology prototype of things to come in the distant future like you are attempting to spin it as. It's a consumer level device being released along side Windows 10. What are you seeing that the rest of us don't see?

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DarkOcelet1271d ago

This looks like a great concept. Please don't screw this up like Kinect 1. Take your time withit and when its ready, release it.

Outthink_The_Room1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

MS just needs to take advantage of what it does best, FIRST. That's it. Showcase it slow, but correctly.

Not like what they did with Kinect. Where people were instantly talking about FPSs and TPS Adventure games..etc, when that device wasn't really designed to handle that.

Someone on a forum talked about board games coming to life. To me, that's the kind of stuff that does it justice. Card Games like Hearthstone where stuff is floating in front of you.

Keep it simple, but keep it responsive and work from there. MS tends to go for the gusto so early with a knockout punch and it ALWAYS bites them in the ass.

They simply need to showcase the idea on very basic, but very fundamental levels with popular stuff. Minecraft demo is awesome, tabletop stuff, medical stuff, Skype stuff. Just keep it simple and let it evolve naturally.

Don't go all, "Here's Crackdown....kind of...sort of.....running with lag and unresponsive controls.."

That is literally the last thing they need to do is try to overpromise when they can let it evolve as a platform by itself.

Septic1271d ago


No more Natal nonsense. I want this to work properly. No BS

St0rmbr1nger11111270d ago

It sounds like the inevitable skepticism has finally started to sink in. How much can you trust this reveal after the Milo fiasco.

Also, you need to ask yourself, how many T-flops of computing power can a disconnected (battery powered) device of that form factor have. Then, just think of all the computation that needs to take place to accurately track the environment around you, and render 3D objects that stay in relation to your surroundings. Do you honestly believe your going to get a high quality recreation of the surface of mars with this?

christocolus1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

MS has been showing off this tech and it seems those who have actually experienced it believe in its potential. also MS will be holding windows 10 briefings with xbox devs this week.

playstation4epic1270d ago

I don't understand the difference between this and magic leap

Moldiver1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I find it odd that a VR dev would say this:

"Without some kind of really believable haptic feedback, what you end up with is the feeling of being a ghost in a world you can’t truly interact with. A ghost with a very tired arm pointing at strangers on the train.”

does it somehow look less weird, to bystanders, when you point at things with a VR helmet on?

But this makes sense.

“AR allows the added bonus of interacting with people in the same physical (as well as virtual) environment. For example, watching something with your wife on the couch. Being able to look at each other and have a conversation about what you’re experiencing. That can be very powerful. This of course applies to many situations, from business, to exploration and education, to art, sports and entertainment. It’s much more useful to be able to collaborate.”

gangsta_red1271d ago

"A ghost with a very tired arm pointing at strangers on the train."

Also, how strange would it look seeing people with a huge hunk of metal covering half their face.

And is it any less weird when people are walking down the street talking to themselves on Bluetooth headsets?

ABizzel11270d ago

My guess is VR for gaming is in the privacy of your own home, and in most cases you also have a controller or keyboard & mouse for feedback.

Randomly pointing at people while wearing these aren't going to make you the most popular person in crowded areas, maybe the return of the power glove, which gives a little buzz as if your were touching a smartphone would give the necessary feedback.

Volkama1271d ago

Can the Lego license get any bigger than it is now? Building models and characters, watching and interactive with their adventures, 3D printing the results... :0

andibandit1270d ago

This could totally revolutionize LDD(Lego digital Designer)

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