The Order 1886: 5 Reasons Why This Game's Story is Too Predictable (with GIFs)

The Order 1886 is a greatly anticipated action-adventure game coming out this February. But the most of the anticipation might be in vain. Recent information contained in the freshly released story trailer reveals that more than obvious, The Order 1886’s narrative is way too dull and predictable. Here are five reasons why this game won’t be able to amaze anyone.

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DarkOcelet1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Another article saying its dull, do these people have anything else to do other than just hating on a game that hasn't been released yet.

Seriously WTF! Why didnt these articles were here when Destiny or Watch Dogs wasnt released yet? Those two games had some really $#/// stories. Bottom line, you don't know sh#t about the story.

DigitalRaptor1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

The author doesn't appear to know anything on the subject which they are writing.

They make ridiculously sensationalist statements like "Here are five reasons why this game won’t be able to amaze anyone" (I mean, are you serious?), and the rest of it is ill-informed, badly written and each point is concluded with no supporting evidence but rather tenuous theories based on limited information.

vishmarx1156d ago

im not even sure of the point he is conveying
seem like a bunch of random assumptions put together that lead to absolutely nothing

SmielmaN1155d ago

Down voting the article to get it removed. Boom

jznrpg1155d ago

Bleh hit disagree on accident.

LonDonE1155d ago

This article writer is CLUELESS.

I see the Microsoft shills are out in full force, it amazes me how bad some of these obvious xbox fan boys will do to sabotage and spread misinformation about Playstation games.

Seriously since the PS3 this has been going on, these dam fake ass wannabe journalists writing article after article on how playstation exclusives are bad THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

Its crazy how much salt i see everyday on the internet from various big and small websites and youtube channels who are just so frustrated that their console/platform of choice is getting its ass handed to it in near enough EVERY WAY!

Fanboy's can rage and vote me down all they want, and anyone who says i am just a conspiracy nut is just too naive or too stupid or both to see the facts.

I have never seen this level of blatant abuse, seriously these shills are non stop constantly down playing the success of the PS4 and constantly dissing and picking apart every little flaw of the playstation games while the games on the xbox are held to a different yard stick.

Its disgusting and proves how badly this industry is corrupt, i assure you ms pays allot of these guys/websites advertising revenue they have been proven many times before to use dirty tactics to achieve their goals.

How many more articles will we read bashing all the PS4 exclusives while the xbox ones are praised to high heaven???

Lightning Mr Bubbles1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I wasn't really feeling this game, until I saw this trailer, now it's on my radar big time. I'm sensing a bit of a Gears of War meets Bioshock vibe to it.

Looks like the developers really believed in this world and story that they created and they put a lot of work into it. I think it could end up being better than people are saying.

This article is pretty pathetic though, it doesn't predict anything specific about the story, just talks about everything in a broad sense, I mean with this logic you can pretty much say the same thing about every story or movie that will ever be created from now on.

Silly gameAr1155d ago

But, of course it got approved and like most garbage on N4G gets approved now in days.

bouzebbal1155d ago

After gameplay now they attack the story lol
well to all the salty haters, ALL mario games say hi. Mario Galaxy 2 the highest rated video game ever says hi as well.

YoungKingDoran1155d ago

I know that I for one am OVER this fan boy bullshit. We are all gaming brothers & sisters who share a hobby, so why do we have to fight and be dicks to one another?
Well we don't.

We can have favourite companies, and speak up for our rights to enjoy the medium - but exclusives are exclusive for a reason.

The way I see it there are 4 options:
1. Be jealous of the game you can't play (& not in a dickish way), or;
2. Buy the other console, or;
3. Get out of the hobby for the betterment of the community.

4. And most of all, if a game is not your cup of tea, don't fucking drink it and call it shit.

jb2271155d ago

This was my favorite little nugget of "wisdom" from the article:

"Unfortunately, it’s hardly a story nowadays if drama and conflict are not present."

Apparently the author doesn't know what a "story" even is. Yeah, it's not much of a stretch to assume that The Order's story has a conflict in it, but then again, it's not a stretch to say every story ever written has some form of "conflict". I'm surprised anyone would disagree w/ what you said, say whatever you will about the "generic gameplay" or "on rails shooting", but this dude doesn't even know what constitutes a story, no real way to disagree w/ that.

HammadTheBeast1155d ago

It didn't even make a point... just random comments on gifs... Gifs which I'll bet were pulled straight from someone else s comments yesterday.

badz1491155d ago

another hate article towards 1886. I'm not surprised but having a couple of dose of this every single day is surely tiring!

I haven't seen any other game getting this kind of treatment before. seriously, why?

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joab7771155d ago

Does he know the story? I doubt it. At least wait until it's released for an article like this.

Letthewookiewin1155d ago

The moron hasn't played the game from beginning too end. His purpose is void.

CocoWolfie1155d ago

hey man we dont need anymore games from 1886 with half breeds, c'mon!

UKmilitia1155d ago

might aswell stop making games,tv programes and films then because there all way to predictable.

what a complete muppet the writer is!
just because something may be predictable doenst mean its not gonna be an amazing story.

what a waste of time,should be banned from linking news this guy

BLow1155d ago

Well, I'm just going to go by my own instincts and get the game. I really like the setting and I really like werewolves. So it's a win for me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but hopefully more games start getting this kind of treatment.

One thing for sure is that the reviews on release day are going to make this place really interesting. The boys are going to be ready on both sides. I can see that this game is going to get hammered in some reviews though. It's just in the air. You can tell by all these articles. I predict it's going to be somewhat like Ryse with people bashing it and others loving it. I don't care because I will be playing the game as other are on here fighting over review scores. Can't wait!!!

Mega241155d ago

The Clicks bro, the clicks.

its_JEFF1155d ago

the really interesting thing is that it is now a "Greatly anticipated" game...

DarkOcelet1155d ago

It was one of my most anticipated games the moment that teaser came, because i immensely enjoyed Daxter, God Of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta and i knew they had the potential to be something really big. Which is why i hope this game succeed so much.

its_JEFF1155d ago

@DarkOcelet I'm in the same boat as you are. I thought the concept was very cool. I couldn't figure out why people bashed it so much, I mean if you don't like the setting/art style that is totally understandable. It was being judged as a full game months and months before it even released. We hadn't even see that much footage of it yet, but it was automatically dismissed. I don't know if it's because it's RAD. They're not well known, they don't have a long pedigree yet.

I just find it funny that it's now considered, by some media, "greatly anticipated" seems like a way for them to set it up for a good bashing when it releases if it isn't great.

-Foxtrot1155d ago

Destiny was such a let down but because it was "Bungie" journalist wouldn't dare speak of the game in a negative way

The best thing I've seen about Destiny's story is that fan theory which suggests the traveller is the darkness and the guardians are nothing more then it's puppets being used to protect it from people who are trying to destroy it.

DarkOcelet1155d ago

That is actually a better idea than the whole effin story of the game. I really thought this would become the next epic sci fi RPG. it was such a letdown.

-Foxtrot1155d ago

I know right

I thought they might use the idea or that was their plan. Even when you play the game the enemies sometimes yell (once they've spotted you)

"It's the Darkness"

Theories like that and the Mass Effect 3 one shows how communities can come up with better stories then the people being paid to.

TricksterArrow1155d ago

This article is predictable.

OB1Biker1155d ago

Agreed its ridiculous. I can certainly see some 'cliches' in the story but just like in any game. Heard the same stuff about TLOU.

Mr-Dude1155d ago

Yeah, this is really original " journalism....

Muzikguy1155d ago

There seems to be an abundance of this kind of "journalism" lately. I'm glad my bullsh!t filter is working

kenshiro1001155d ago

Gooood grief, this has to be the most hated game I have ever seen in history.


My God...

mayberry1155d ago

Killzone 2 was hated greatly before relese, now its regarded as a "top ten of all time" FPS. Let the game speak for itself. I feel it will also shine!

memots1155d ago

I wrote this way way back about the order.

"its the next DriveClub .. Trolling could be even worst than DC, This game is not even out the trolling is already insane. #4.4
83d ago by memots"

tlougotg1154d ago

Driveclub has been hated on too an insane amount, Star Hawk (which i loved but got slammed for no sp, yet titan fall got a free pass), Playstation All Stars (which many enjoyed). Point is Sony for some reason and its games have been really thrashed and scrutinized which is ironic being they have recently put out arguably some of the best game of all time with the most awards in gaming history ala Uncharted 2, Tlou and few other lauded games.

jholden32491155d ago

With all due respect, the only responses I seem to read concerning allegations of The Order being mediocre are ones like yours which use the logic "but game X and Y were boring too and journalists didn't say anything, so why are they exposing The Order?"

That kind of logic basically admits "ya, this game sucks, BUT, other sucky games were given a pass so this one should too".

Shouldn't matter what articles were written about Watch Dogs or Destiny. That's irrelevant. Even if it's a double standard, better to expose the truth hypocritically than to lie to the readership in the interest of "equal ignorance".

livedeht1154d ago

@ jholden, I agree we don't need equal ignorance, however how do u judge a games story without playing it? The F-U-D surrounding this game is insane, I for one have enjoyed most of [email protected]'s games (hated daxter though lol) and this one looks FANTASTIC !

rainslacker1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I guess after yesterday's trailer where most of the previous complaints were blown out of the water, they had to find something new.

I personally don't know how people can say the story is predictable when all they know is less than you would read on the inside jacket of a book cover.

I'm sure there will be cliche's in the story, almost all stories have that nowadays, but to say the story is predictable now is extremely premature.

A good story can be predictable and cliche'd and unoriginal, so long as it has interesting characters and is presented well. When it comes down to it, people connect to characters and their personalities and struggles, not the set pieces in which it plays out.


That's not the point they're trying to make. The point they're trying to make is that the Order is being held up to more scrutiny than other games. Ryse got some hate for it's use of QTE, but no one said jack squat about the story, which looked more predictable and cliche'd than the Order, and a lot more was shown of it.

People are implying that the Order is being held up to this scrutiny because it's a PS4 exclusive, whereas other games get a free pass that exhibit similar traits that people are complaining about.

No one is saying that the order is going to be mediocre, just saying there is no real consistency from one game to the next in criticisms.

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SaveFerris1156d ago

Well, I'm amazed at the game. I can't wait to play it. Pre-ordered my copy weeks ago with both sets of DLC.

snookiegamer1155d ago

Another let's bash The Order 1886 Article ...

Can't these Grinch Breeders wait until the Game releases/reviews before taking cheap shots at it?

...and using GIFS to ram the Agenda home! smh ;/

Rimeskeem1156d ago

I'm pretty sure the game has already amazed people with its graphics and setting.

Neonridr1156d ago

so graphics are everything now? If the game plays like $hit then no amount of good graphics are going to save it.

A pretty game can still be a bad game.

That being said, I will reserve my judgement on this game until I actually play it.

wsoutlaw871155d ago

No one is saying graphics are everything. A lot of people are just annoyed with this idea that the gameplay is automatically $hit. Now someone who hasn't even played it is writing about how the story will be boring. it has just gotten way to carried away. I think, what we have learned from this, and the games of last year is that these "previewers" have absolutely no clue about the game and just say what others are saying. People said destiny would be huge and endless after previewing a small demo. There is so much bs weitten just for the sake of writing and hits, that it's impossible to really learn anything from these stupid articles

Snookies121155d ago

It looks like it plays pretty damn well after seeing the newest trailer... So, if it looks amazing graphically, and the gameplay appears to be spot-on, what's the issue?

OB1Biker1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Overreacting to someone just stating simple facts that we already know of as we don't know yet enough how the game plays though we can be optimistic really

Silly gameAr1155d ago

A comment like yours is as played out as these articles are.

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THC CELL1156d ago

Websites trolling as always.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1156d ago

Now will people start to believe me? Has anyone ever seen post a PS4 related article on this site? Once the PC/Nintendo/Xbox fanboys take a really long look at that new The Order trailer, they'll have no choice but to write even more negative articles. Just watch over the next 2 days.

gangsta_red1156d ago

Sure they have:

How come you and others think there's some kind of conspiracy and only the PC/Nintendo/Xbox fanboys are writing articles about how bad your Sony game might be?

They also wrote a negative Titanfall article, does this mean they have a sony fanboy on the pay roll too?

Here's another negative article about The Evil Within...which camp wrote this?

MysticStrummer1155d ago

I wouldn't call it a conspiracy but there are definitely people and sites that will downplay games simply based on the platform. I've never seen such a campaign of negativity before, but as time goes on more and more people have their own sites/blogs so I'm sure before too long we'll have a new exclusive negativity champion.

rainslacker1155d ago

What I see is that the articles that try to downplay this stuff generate a lot more heat, and get a lot more of the trollish comments from haters within them using the articles to say, "See, I told you so".

The haters don't go into the positive previews as much, thus generate less heat, thus get seen less, which gives the impression that there is nothing but hate for this game.

Overall impressions have been good for the game. There were some valid criticisms in all the "hate" articles here and there, but they got drowned out by the ones that just went to far to try and make it seem like the game was mediocre.

All I know is, for me, this has become my most looked forward to release for the whole year since yesterday's trailer. My cautious optimism was replaced with pure excitement because the Order looks like it's exactly the kind of game I like, and no negative article can take that away from me

gangsta_red1155d ago

I see a few articles that are hating this game or cautious, just like any other big title that is releasing with a high amount of hype. Why are people acting like this is something new and only reserved for Sony games?

Also, why are people replying to me and not questioning people really believe its the PC/Nintendo/Xbox fanboys writing these articles?

I can only assume with the 31 agrees and my own 43 disagrees that people do think this way...which is very scary.

I think most of the people here are making a bigger deal about the negative articles thus creating this whole "media hates Sony games" and blowing it very far out of proportion. An example is the comment I am replying too.

I just pointed out that this site Vgamers has submitted articles to N4G before and was even critical of TitanFall and as you can see in those comments there was no where near the amount of the "media is biased" or "conspiracy theories" if any at all, now compare that to everyone losing their minds on this page.

rainslacker1155d ago

I responded to you because your comment I felt was worth responding to, and IGive's was a bit to conspiratol for my taste.

I don't believe there is some sort of massive campaign to downplay Sony, just that they do seem to get a lot of hate. Some of the excess is in the minds of people who see these articles and assume they're the only thing out there, some of it is on the part of the media, or more often than not bloggers, who like to downplay this stuff.

I couldn't say if this is because of hit mongering or fanboysim, and either way it doesn't really matter. I don't see quite the negativity surrounding other big titles when they're multi-plat or for Xbox, but I know it does exist to some degree.

I think that the number of negative articles for the order were a bit much even with the positive stuff out there. I don't think it was a media hate campaign though, just a bunch of bad writers who want to feel like they're important.

I don't think the media hates Sony. I do think that negative Sony articles drive hits though, and probably any negative article really. The media can easily take advantage of that, which is sad IMO.

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