Brawl Sequel may be Considered by Sakurai

The man behind Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Masahiro Sakurai has said he may have to consider a sequel to the popular game. Sakurai says like the two titles in the series before it Brawl was developed as being the last game in the series. In an interview with the UK Official Nintendo Magazine Sakurai has stated that he may have to consider the next title in the series.

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mepsipax3732d ago

wow, what a shock, nintendo making a sequel to one of it's games, wow, just wow, I can feel the cold rising up from hell, seriously though, great, give me more characters more levels, and better online and I'm there.

Panthers3732d ago

Yea I wish better online.

Voiceofreason3732d ago

I know why cant Nintendo be like every other company and only make original games.. I'll take FF18 GTA6,GOW5, and many other totally new IP's to hit this gen over garbage sequels any day.

mepsipax3732d ago

that wasn't a stab at nintendo, I'm thrilled, I want more smashing, it's just that to say there wouldn't be a sequel to a huge franchise like smash is just silly, voiceofreason, theres nothing wrong with a sequel as long as theres effort put into it, but all I'm saying is Nintendo hasn't made one new hardcore first party IP, this will hopefully change with E3 next week, last gen for IP's you had Pikmin, Luigis mansion, geist (ekk), so until Nintendo makes at least one new IP that isn't Wii something, shut up.

deeznuts3731d ago

Voiceofunreason, you mention two third party games. God of War, yes first party. But Sony brings new first party IPs to the table a lot.

Call me when we have Kratos Kart.

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Eamon3732d ago

Now what I want, is a Super Smash Bros on DS.
Please Sakurai, make it happen!!

iamtehpwn3732d ago

for a long time now. It would be perfect. And he wouldn't have spend 3 years doing it. =P

Vespertine3731d ago

Yeah, that would be pretty awesome.

I've wanted that ever since the DS came out.

ChickeyCantor3731d ago

HE already replied to it, saying he wont be doing it but if Nintendo feels like it they should make it( i guess without him xD)

TwissT3732d ago

Just please make this sequel have L-canceling and more faster pace, because brawl is so slow.

Isaac3732d ago

To solve all of its issues. Oh that is right, nintendo probably does not even deal with games like that.

Anyway, another sequel? Why not make NEW IP instead? Or better yet, why not wait until the NEXT console? At least we might be able to tell the difference between the next and this one unlike this one and the last one.

Voiceofreason3732d ago

No thankfully they ship them complete the first time. No need to risk bricking my Wii downloading a patch to make the game playable.Do you do anything besides troll the Wii news? Surely someone that hates Nintendo as much as you do could find better things to do. Like maybe helping the PS3 get a higher attach rate then Wii by buying games?

Isaac3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Just this week I bought FF3 for my Nintendo DS. I hate the Wii, not Nintendo. Besides, I hope for your own sake you are being sarcastic when you say that games or consoles ship complete with Nintendo, as you need a peripheral with every single game. The games ship complete? So why is playing Wii online garbage? The Wii would be patched if developers could do it, but they cant, which is sad for the Wii and its sheep, I mean, owners.

You know what is also funny? Attach rates. The wii has like, on average, .7 more games per owner than PS3. However, any idiot can conclude that the Wii is selling more on games than the PS3 out of that. If you actually analyzed though, the difference between 4.1 games on PS3 and 4.8 games on Wii is really not that much, especially once you factor in that games on PS3 cost 60, while games on Wii cost 50 or even less. So PS3 owners are actually investing 246 bucks on it, just on PS3 games (PS2 games or BD movies do not count) while Wii owners are spending 205 bucks. Poor Wii owners.

But hey, what matters to us as gamers is games, so how will this affect us? If you actually see what the Wii is selling and the PS3 is selling, the Wii is selling First party games and shovelware. PS3 on the other hand is selling lots of AAA games. For example, Call of Duty 4 has sold 3.5 million units on PS3. How much did it sell on Wii? Oh that is right, Wii owners were too busy playing garbage so Activision did not even bother with it, seeing how poorly the Wii version of call of duty 3 performed despite outselling PS3 2:1. So, as much as the Wii is outselling, it is not getting any games soon.

The Wii is so pathetic that even being the cheapest console and already having shot most of its rounds (Mario, metroid, zelda, Wii Fit, Mario Kart, Smash Bros), not a single user is investing much in the console, and much less on third party games, especially the AAA ones (No more heroes, manhunt, bloom box), which is very telling. What is there to look forward to on Wii? More children games? More grandma games and non-games? Oh, the single good looking game which is made by Sega... sorry, I am not making a line for a single game.

If the Wii had achievements or trophies with each and every one of its mini-games, I would have already bought one, especially if I did not have to line-up and buy PSN or XBLA games for the price of disc games. Anyway, call me when the Wii is widely available, it is 150 (what it is worth), has plenty of AAA games and a decent online service. You keep trying to lose weight on Wii will I go to an actual gym and then relax with MGS4.

Isaac3731d ago

I am being disagreed with because this news story is obviously full of Nintendo apologists that can not see beyond their fanboyism, I feel so sorry for you lemmings, you are paying too much for something worthless.

ChickeyCantor3731d ago

There are only 3 Smash games ever developed....and you pretend this is number 10000 in the series.

Also Nintendo did not came up with this idea, Sakurai did.
( he also made Kirby....lets say he is from HAL.lab/Sora inc)

Also you love playing all those SEQUELS yet you cry for new Ip's from Nintendo.
just STFU =D

Isaac, you always say such things at the end.
You think your opinion = fact...

KeiZka3731d ago

Clearly we all must think like your hivemind says us to do... not. You may think that Nintendo games suck, Wii sucks yadda yadda. Then there are people who disagree with you! What a shock! What an horror!

But honestly, if we are to talk about investments... What do they mean? Dedication? Hardly. You are generalizing quite a bit there. Did you know, Sony had this funny habit of bundling two games with their console for quite a long time. What do we get out of this? Less sales. Suddenly they didn't invest that much, at least in the beginning. Meanwhile, has anyone bothered to count how much people have invested in accessories? There goes your theory.

Call of Duty 4 wasn't even released on Wii. At the same time, GH3 was. Guess what? Selling most on Wii, due to biggest install base. See where the developers tend to go: after a fickle market that may doom you if they don't sell (PS3, X0 to some extent) or Wii, where there's aplenty of install base, and lesser developing costs anyway?

And say what you will about "big shots", they are what one perceives them to be. My list is a tad longer than that. Yours seems to be that small.

Also, I seriously hate your condescending attitude. I'm not scot free of it (I do it all the time), but yours just annoyed me to no point.

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TheFreak3732d ago

hmm why the hate against nintendo for making a sequel? I dont see other devs getting yelled at for making sequels. Like mgs series, call of duty, gta, final fantasy and so on....

iamtehpwn3732d ago

then there will ever be Smash bros. games.

So, who cares if it's a sequel. I bet you bought MGS4, and you'll be buying Final Fantasy XX, Cod5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Guitar Hero 9000, etc etc. years from now.

It's not a bad thing though. Sequels are just the nature of the industry.

deeznuts3731d ago

Sequels are fine. But if that's all you get ...

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