Xbox One's Own "Remote Play" Lets Microsoft Seize the Initiative; Might Force Sony to React

When Phil Spencer walked on stage today at the Windows 10 keynote, he had the face of a bomber pilot ready to drop some big ones, and there’s no denying it: he did.

Now the ball is on Sony's field.

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DarkOcelet1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

MS are using remote play on their devices or PC that run on windows and MS Tablets only.
Sony is using it on Z3 and PSTV , their devices. They are trying to attract customer to their devices so for Sony to put shareplay on an MS device or Windows, it wont happen just like MS is not putting it on anything but theirs. If they have put shareplay on Android, apple, Mac etc then yes, i would have said Sony should do something similar but they are not.

THC CELL1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Ar been round for years sony remote play been round for years also sony has some very impressive ar tech go youtube it

Sony Smart AR System Used In The NGP / PSP2:

Sony Smart AR Demo with PSVita in Japan:

neomahi1303d ago

Yeah. There was some site that was gathering feedback on what they thought and if they'd develop for this. Most of them said they'd have to wait and see. What's most important in what was said by them was : "It's just brilliant marketing". They all say it looks good on paper but don't really expect much out of it beyond that. It's just Microsoft painting this beautiful picture when mass manufactured will fall apart.

This is what Microsoft does, and shows the brilliance of their marketing, via the mentality of Bill Gates. "Look how innovative we are!" When the truth is, they're not innovative at all. They save money on R&D by letting everyone else do the work and then work on letting everyone forget about it, then come in and say: "Look what we've working on. It's step of innovation by Microsoft." Sony showed this off at CES years ago with the Vita when a Dinosaur was small and then got huge. Nintendo and Vita had been using AR at their launch both coming with a set of AR cards, and on screen AR has been used in a lot of PS Eye games on the PS3 with Eye Pet on PS3 and PSP.

BallsEye1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

How can you even compare this tech to what MS presented? Hololens and it's software is lightyears infront of competition. As for remove play, I hate that I'd need to buy vita for it. MS solution is much more customer friendly.

uptownsoul1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I'M NOT TROLLING: I just really want to know if Windows 10 remote play will work on a different internet network…Like can I play Xbox One games at the airport or doctor's office (with good enough wifi of course)??????!!!!!!???????

Prime1571303d ago

Ballseye, you don't need to buy a vita... people already figured it out for android devices.


SniperControl1303d ago


You do know that you dont just have to use a Vita for remote play, PSTV remote plays to any HDMI enabled TV in your house, Sony recently relesed Remote Play to thier Xperia range of mobiles and tablets, some enterprising gentlemen have made a rooted version of Remote Play so it will work on any android 4.4 device.

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Abriael1304d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

You're not exactly correct Dark. Microsoft is putting it on Windows devices, which includes a ton of devices not directly produced by Microsoft. They run the operating system, but the reach is much wider.

DarkOcelet1304d ago

The reach might be indeed much wider but it requires a LAN internet connection, so if you are at work, you wont be able to use it. Sony has the edge here. They should have made you play from anywhere just like Sony, what is the reason to play on my PC when the Xone is in the next room lol.

dcbronco1304d ago

Wait, so there are people that don't think Windows is on a lot of devices?

Abriael1304d ago

@DarkOcelet: you really think the majority of Remote Play users uses it out of their home network?

It requires a rather powerful upstream bandwidth to do so effectively, and not many have that.

SoapShoes1304d ago

@Abriel - I don't know about anyone else but I do all the time on break at work.

freshslicepizza1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

i think it's pretty safe to say more people will be using windows 10 than the vita and xperia smartphones. especially given that windows 7 and windows 8.1 users get a free upgrade.

this is a very smart move and they are aiming for 1080p and 60 frames per second. right now it's running at 720p and 30 frames per second.

sony is in a pickle because they want to sell the vita to go along with your ps4, microsoft just wants people to use windows 10.

deepio1304d ago

@darkocelet - Didn't Phil Spencer say he was controlling his xbox at home during the event? Maybe I missed something but I didn't think it was just LAN only.

Unspoken1304d ago

@Dark you honestly think this is going to be limited to LAN?

VPN says hi!

With the abundance of applications on PC and the ability to program, it will allow connections to be made much further and in locations Sony would only dream of reaching.

This is why Windows/PC was so great in the first place. The openness to customize and program 3rd party solutions over an OS.

Gamer19821303d ago

Actually your wrong in this sense as Remote play is on Android. Sure Sony only want it on Xperia but its already been ported to any phone with root access. Which is 99% of android phones. You can play remote play on a Galaxy, a nexus or a moto or whatever you want. Android has 70% of the mobile market MS cannot touch that. Sont could tomorrow release the app officially on the store if they wanted and that would let non rooted users have the app and MS in reality wouldn't stand a chance when it comes to adoption rates at least.

I have no doubt Sony will one day release remote play to all android devices but for now its locked down to sell xperia phones.

WildArmed1303d ago

I use my Vita for remote play out of my home. So do majority of the vita owners I know, the biggest thing vita has going for it is remote play.

With a 5Mbps upload at home, I have 0 issues remote playing. The lag is much lower than you'd expect. Then most homes don't have proper networking, so I can see why some people use quality via remote play.

I've battle dragons in dragon age and did VOG raid in destiny from my vita while being about 40 miles away from my home.

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Automatic791304d ago


There are 1.5 billion windows devices and upwards of over 11 million Xbox One's and growing. I think you know that the amount of exposure will be unlimited with streaming on windows.

Gamer19821303d ago

most of those windows devices are desktops and around 70% of windows devices are business users.. I doubt many will be using this feature on a desktop as it makes a lot more sense to stream to a tablet or laptop. Stats can say what you want them to say when put the right way no?

Sony won't be worried about this one bit and in fact this is great for the industry that both companies are allowing this tech. The only ones who should be worried is Nintendo as the Wiiu isn't powerful enough to do something like this.

WildArmed1303d ago

But considering the low OS transition rate between MS OS uogrades, we'll have to see how many actually move from 7 to 10 or 8 to 10.

PrinterMan1303d ago

Why do people give Mickeysoft so much credit for stealing and building off of other peoples ideas? They are not a God send. Windows itself was not soley their idea either. They have bought, destroyed MUCH more than they have implemented, innovated.

Also, they are targetting 1080p and 60fps for remote play? Doesn't mean it will happen but how they have the ability to sway, convince and persuade people is truly amazing. Gotta give it to them their. But that's all I give them.

Just my 2 cents.

Muzikguy1303d ago

Your 2 cents sound like my 2 cents lmao! I'm definitely paying attention to see how this works though

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SaveFerris1304d ago

Interesting article as always Abriael.
Samsung and iphones dominate the smartphone market almost everywhere, as does the iPad. Sony would indeed be smart to go after that market.

TFJWM1304d ago

They might be working on a deal with Samsung since Samsung TVs are supporting PS Now

Gamer19821303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Sony already have the android market they have an android app that allows remote play and its been ported by hackers to work on any android device.

BlackTar1871303d ago

Gamer is right you can pretty easily hack it to run on any Android phone.

But MS is a game changer /s

Spid3r61303d ago

You dont understand? We are talking about not having to download an app from the app store. This is built in to every windows 10 device. Pretty easy to market this I would say. The bottom line is this they made a gaming hub and they made streaming from your Xbox to PC a reality and hopefully in the future PC to Xbox. IF this happensd GOOD NIGHT!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

If Xbox One's remote play works with any device that's running Win10 that will definitely be a game changer for Microsoft and the Xbox One. Sony already has the tech to stream gameplay to any device connected to the web, perhaps this will give them some incentive to take it up a notch and actually get it up and running on non-Sony devices.

uth111304d ago

It already runs on non-Sony devices, all Sony has to do is bless this practice

kma2k1304d ago

it runs just fine on my lg g2, my nexus 7, my wifes, & my wifes s4?

Pogmathoin1304d ago

I can remote play with your wife? Awesome, sign me up!

UltraNova1304d ago

Dude 2 things in the world should never be joked about, a man's car and his wife (in that order)

4theplayers1304d ago

Sony: PS4 remote play confirmed for iOS and Steam.