Destiny's Crota's End Hard Mode Changes: The 4 Biggest Additions To The Raid's New Difficulty Level

Crota's End Hard Mode was updated into Destiny earlier today, releasing the mysterious new challenges into the game without word from Bungie on what exactly those obstacles are. Players compiled the biggest differences throughout the day, and the most impactful ones are listed here.

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Christopher1244d ago

#1 and #4 are going to make me cry.

Battlefieldlover1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Sure made me. Took my team 3 Hours to get to Crota. We didnt even try, gunna cool down and give it a go tomorrow. 3 guys got the Solar auto rifle, can't remember the name... me? Shards the entire way...guess i can't complain.

Christopher1243d ago

It's like the raid was designed for a group of 6 titans with shields when you get to Crota. Otherwise it's all about having the right gear, which can't be easy to get all the time or can take weeks depending on how lucky you get with Xur. Example being the exotic helm for hunters that allows you to regen health with orb drops.

I know I'll definitely be running an arc blade instead of gunslinger so I can regen health on arc blade kills.

GuruStarr781244d ago

I got the Oversoul edict pulse rifle today while doing Crotas end on hard... it's pretty much a fully auto version of praedyths timepiece..

KwietStorm1244d ago

Really wish the stupid auto fire bug on PS4 would be addressed.

GuruStarr781243d ago

I'm not familiar with that, I play on Xbox one.... what is it?

KwietStorm1242d ago

Guns with the auto fire perk (Last Word, Vision of Confluence, Oversoul Edict, etc.) all seem to randomly jam if you hold down R2. It's not user error, because if you swap it to L2, it doesn't happen. It's been brought up several times in the forums, but nothing from Bungie. I've been harassing them myself too. It can very easily get you killed in the right situation, especially crucible.