HD Remasters, Re-releases and DX’s – The Pro’s and Con’s

PSGamer list the Pros and Cons to Remasters, Definitive editions, Re-releases and DX's.

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Jackhass1184d ago

Remasters are being overdone, but I have to admit, I bought quite a few of them last year.

Magnus1184d ago

I'll buy FFX again just because I think its a great game. And I hope they make the new version better then the PS3 version. Only HD remakes I want is the Xenosaga franchise that game needs to be brought to the PS4. Either then that I am fine with HD remakes honestly it brings the games to the generations who weren't around when the game was released so they get to enjoy it. And besides fans of franchise always want to see what their favorite characters will look like with an HD clean up.

carlingtat1184d ago

For me a HD collection/remaster is only worth it if a) that game wasnt released for a certain platform(ps, xbox or pc) or b) the game is older than 8 years

Hellsvacancy1184d ago

C) If one hasn't played the game.

I never played Okami when it was originally released on the PS2, so I got the HD version, absolutely loved it, finished it yesterday after spending two years playing it on/off

It's one of the best games I have ever played