Screamride Xbox One Frontier Interview

Frontier Developments' Jorg Neumann previews the new Xbox One Screamride game in this exclusive gameplay interview from the Microsoft Loft in San Francisco.

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crazychris41241092d ago

Looks like a fun game and its only $40

Bennibop1092d ago

Didn't think xbox fans played games on rails ;)

qwerty6761092d ago

not all xbox fans are alike.

spicelicka1091d ago

lol, this is how on rails is meant to be done!

AngelicIceDiamond1092d ago

Whoa at those insane physics.

Its clear X1 can pull off some amazing physics in certain games. First Quantum Break now Screamride.

snaggdadon1091d ago

ha lol wtf nah cmon son where the real games at microsoft? my xb1 is hungry !!!!