Watch Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One Streamed to Windows 10: "An Amazing Unlock for Xbox One Customers"

During the Windows 10 keynote just held by Microsoft, Xbox Division head honcho Phil Spencer introduced the ability to stream your existing library of Xbox One games to the newly announced Xbox app for Windows 10.

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SaveFerris1305d ago

Okay. So you still need an Xbox One but you can take the game on the road with you (tablet and controller)?

DarkOcelet1305d ago

It seems to be that way. Its a great idea to finally implement it.

Septic1305d ago

Yeah it's the natural way forward. My wifi is gonna get rinsed at work!

4Sh0w1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

This should be awesome, especially since my entire X1 game library is all digital (aside from Forza5 which was gifted to me). I can't wait to try this out as soon as its available. Also the Windows10/X1 cross platform gaming and apps in the same ecosystem is a very smart direction going forward. Xbox One just keeps getting more interesting.

crazychris41241305d ago

If you have wifi I dont see why you shouldnt be able to stream X1 games to your tablet or laptop while on the go.

Fireseed1305d ago

From what I understand its essentially like Nvidias streaming where you need to still be on the same network.

MasterCornholio1305d ago

If it works like remote play and you have an internet connection then yes.


I'm really happy that Microsoft is doing this. Hopefully this will convince Sony to support non Sony tablets\phones with Remote play.

Competition! So good.

No_Limit1305d ago

As of right now, it is only through local network in the same home.

Automatic791304d ago

Actually, @ No limit Phil mentioned he was streaming from home so you do not have to be home. Unless he lives in the same auditorium they held the conference. Lol

oSHINSAo1305d ago

This is something i didn't get at all, am i be able to play away from my home network or just inside, lets hope for more information soon.

OrangePowerz1305d ago

In the presentation today they said when you are on the same network like Steam and nVidia. So far they didn't detail if it would work outside of the network.

holysmokesbatman1305d ago

It's home network only, listen carefully to his very last sentence.
It's fine by me though, I can't wait to try it out.

3-4-51305d ago

* Microsoft making logical & reasonable decisions....hmmmmm I like this new Microsoft.

* This seems like a good forward thinking idea to implement now, so that it can be fine tuned for the next gen consoles 5 years from now.

* Giving everyone free upgrade gets everyone on the same page. It's like giving everyone an XB1, for free.....

mcstorm1305d ago

With this in mind you can now also see why MS wanted DRM at the start of the gen. If this works outside of the home as well as in the home I can see my self using this quite a lot. Its also a good reason to go digital too.

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ScorpiusX1305d ago

All I got to say is hell yeah.

bleedsoe9mm1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

its cool but i'd rather the other way , let me stream my windows 10 games to my xb1 in my living room

TheRedButterfly1305d ago

I'm with ya, but I'll take what I can get! My Windows Phone just got a lot more awesome! :D

KentBlake1305d ago

That's what I was gonna say. Why would I want to stream an X1 game to my small monitor and play it on an office chair? I'd rather play Starcraft or any other PC exclusive on my couch and big TV.

Bodge1305d ago

You can play Starcraft 2 with kb/m on your couch right now.

1305d ago
Iceball20001305d ago

Micro$ofts version of Sony's Remote Play, what's so hard to understand?

TheRedButterfly1305d ago

Why you're trying to down-play this. /That/ is pretty hard to understand...

Iceball20001305d ago

Not down playing anything, that's what it is. Your "remote playing" your Xbox one to your PC/Surface. Cool concept, I like it.

Brisco1305d ago

Only the better variant.

playstation4epic1304d ago

lol no. with the vita and z3 u can stream from miles away. for this you have to be inside

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hello121305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I really like the x box 1 app on PC it has build in DVR function to record steam based games. Its free its an awesome extra feature for PC gamers who would like to upload content not sure how long it records for though only problem?

Cross play opens endless possibilities for x box gamers and PC gamers.

Playstation fans might not like to hear this. But the fact x box 1 and PC are more unified than ever with Windows 10 and directx12. Devs will likely shaft the PS4 for PC and x box 1. Your basically making the same game with directx12 and windows 10- the PS4 version will be extra development and therefore in my mind x box 1 will be the lead platform along with PC

CernaML1305d ago

Thats like saying Developers were shafting the PS2 because it was the least powerful and hardest to develop for.

With double the install base, it aint happening.

djplonker1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

"Devs will likely shaft the PS4 for PC and x box 1. Your basically making the same game with directx12 and windows 10- the PS4 version will be extra development and therefore in my mind x box 1 will be the lead platform along with PC "

And we will tell when Devs do that since the ps4 exclusives will always look the best they can be on ps4 and with plenty of exclusives coming no one should be worried that the ps4 versions of multiplats will be gimped somehow... especially considering the ps4 had almost double the install base of the xbox one.

jukins1305d ago

That's funny. Even with dx12 development will not be 1 to 1. There will still be the need for specialized xb1 and ps4 development teams. Not to mention why would any developer "shaft" a user base of 18million and growing.

As for cross play opening endless possibilities, pc and console cross play has been going on for years decades even. In fact it's usually microsoft who is to blame at the lack if cross platform play. I'm not trying to sound like sony's defense force but let's be honest you're hyping features and situations that ,respectively, have been done before and won't happen.

Lenrulesdaworld1305d ago

thats only if games aren't built with dx12 in mind, if it is pc/xbox will go hand in hand. you could port a whole pc title to xbox one in a month and use the rest of the time for optimization.

playstation4epic1304d ago

development cycle for ps4 is already a month so...

Brazz1305d ago

"... in my mind x box 1 will be the lead platform..."

sure, but keep this dream in your mind, because this isn't happening, Ps4 is already the lead on consoles.

OrangePowerz1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

With the exception of the Xbox PC app X1 and Win8 are similarily unified. Both run DX11 and a Windows 8 OS. Besides of MS wanting people to change to Win10 most of the things shouldn't even be Windows 10 exclusive. Xbox app could be done on other Windows versions and the same goes for the streaming, but it all appears to be locked down to Win10 only for no real reason.

Your understanding of game development is incorrecr if you think that it would mean they would basically make one game for both systems. A lot more goes into game development than what OS and DX is used. For developers of resource low apps that's an advantage, but anything like a game can't just be moved over because they use the same OS and DX (as is the case now between X1 and Windows 8). The X1 has a completely difderent memory pool setup and an APU that isn't used in PCs. There are too many differences in hardware that you would just port as easy as you think. Besides you get much better performance out of consoles with low level coding (coding to the metal) instead of relying on DX and other APIs or libraries.

PC is and will remain the lead platform for multiplatform games with little change how the other platforms will be tackled.

Lenrulesdaworld1305d ago

did you guys forget how fast turn 10 ported forza to pc, its the same thing which was the point they were trying to convey. with dx12 you'll spend less time making games built on pc for xbox one cause dx12 has tools that makes porting easier than if it were ps4. then you could spend most of your optimizing on xbox one, thats only if dev's adopt the dx12 api like phil was saying. so far unreal and unity have...

OrangePowerz1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

First of with the Forza 5 demo that was timeline given by devs who work for the company that wanted to promote DX12. That`s as much reliable as Cerny saying it takes only X amount of weeks or months to get the game running on the PS4. You promote your product and try to sell it, in both cases to developers.

Secondly it was one track with a few cars that got ported. Models and animations aren`t problematic in itself to port especially not from console to PC they are created on the PC in the first place and it was a presentation and not a kiosk where people could go there and play it so that means we don`t know how much of the game fully worked. Was all the code for the physics, damage system and so on ported over fully and worked completely?

Thirdly how optimized was the ported part? The machine they used for the demo was running with a GTX Titan black, at the time of the demo the card cost as much as 2 X1 consoles with Kinect.

It`s one thing to port something and get the code to run and another to get it to run properly. The notion that people just have to run some tools and it`s ported easily and then spend time with optimization is unrealistic. You are ignoring everything that has to go into the development to get the best results out of the hardware and adapt the game to the hardware. If there is an easy way to port developers will already have their own tools that are specifically made for their needs. Not to mention that we are talking here about multiplatform developers and many of them have PC games that badly optimized for the lead platform (PC), no tool makes magically out of an unoptimized mess on a more powerful machine a well working port to a machine with less power and a lot more constraints on the memory pool. Also DX12 won`t be the first shared DX version between any Xbox console and PC. The Xbox always used the DirectX API, hence the X in the name, and shared the same API on X360 between PC and already does on the X1 with DX11.

I`m too tired to write down a full explanation of why it won`t work the way some people here think it will, but those loft expectations are unrealistic. I do find it amusing when randomly people try to explain to me how porting works or will work while not having anything really to do with those things.

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