Mojang: There Are 2 Minecraft HoloLens Titles, One ‘a toy’ One ‘close to the game’

VRFocus- Microsoft wasn’t afraid to talk about potential videogame applications for its Windows Holographic technology and the HoloLens head-mounted display (HMD) at a reveal event earlier today. In fact the company even teased a new version of the ever-popular Minecraft series, which it acquired for $2.5 billion USD back in 2014, would be coming to the platform. Surprisingly, it appears that there isn’t just one Minecraft HoloLens project in development however; there are in fact two that are apparently very different.

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DarkOcelet1222d ago

Its really interesting to see how minecraft on HMD will be like. Hopefully they can nail it.

-Foxtrot1222d ago

I wonder if this is why the updates to the game have been slow and lacking recently.

Microsoft need to get more people onto the PC team.

Yetter1222d ago

MS literally just picked up mojang. The updates have been slow for over a year now probably because Minecraft is essentially done

-Foxtrot1222d ago

Well they wouldn't needed to buy them for this, they could of gotten them to do it even if they didn't buy them

Maybe they saw how good it looked they thought

"We could go places with this"

and then bought them fully so no one else would do it for their console.

gangsta_red1222d ago

I guess this is the justification for purchasing Mojang.

But I bet MS could have bought Castleminer Z for less. ;)

Anyways, can't wait to see what they have in store. I know a few kids on my block that will be excited for this.

SaveFerris1222d ago

This is real next-gen stuff VR/AR etc. I hope it really takes off. Price and content will be key, and MS already has the killer app in Minecraft.

crazychris41241222d ago

I would like to see what they can pull off if I have a xbox one compatible racing wheel.

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The story is too old to be commented.