Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order Any Games in 2015

CraveOnline: "In 2014 the only games I pre-ordered were Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and LittleBigPlanet 3. The former was because I was certain of its quality, and being a huge Smash Bros. fan I simply had to grab it on day one, while the latter was due to me having a few friends around on that particular evening who wanted to play some fun multiplayer games and, being well-versed in the joys of the LBP universe, I was sure that LBP 3 would be the game for us."

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Jackhass1307d ago

I only pre-order if I think the game is going to have a limited number of copies and might sell out quickly. If it's a big mainstream game, I really don't see the point.

joab7771307d ago

Does he mean don't buy any games at launch? At least if you pr-order you usually get something for it.

I still don't agree. We always take chances. But if I've been waiting for a game like Bloodborne or The Witcher 3, I'm not going to not pr- order and miss out b/c games in the past have been buggy.

Yeah, many games I buy after they go on sale, but certain games I will always roll the dice on.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Strawman argument. Pre-ordering has nothing to do with publishers who consistently release broken games. We all know who the main offenders are, but people are still buying their games each and every year.

The DLC argument is another non issue. DLC is optional and unless the DLC is a standalone game like TLOU Left Behind or Outlast Whistle Blower, I won't even bother.

thorstein1307d ago

Well said, and thanks for calling him out for his argumentative fallacy.

aLucidMind1307d ago

However, some DLC that are offered as pre-order incentives or as Day 1 DLC are often times obviously just chopped from the game. Things like skins are understandable, but things like how Dying Light having a whole game mode cut out and given as a pre-order bonus is simply wrong and is anti-consumer.

The whole "DLC is optional" argument doesn't apply in every instance.

AngelicIceDiamond1307d ago

If there's one form of journalism that is often overlooked is previews.

If trailers and interviews don't do it, simply read a preview of your favorite game. Previews tend to be more honest because the journalist has actual hands on time with it and telling you his thoughts.

People don't read previews due to time and they can be long. You don't gotta read the whole entire thing just sum it up at the end of the paragraph.

If you like it then pre-order it. Weather its your fave IP or a new IP that interest you.

ps4gamer19831307d ago

I always buy games new only after 3-4 days of USER reviews. Not magazine reviews because if games like watchdogs, Ac unity, etc get good reviews than we know somebody is getting paid to fudge reviews.

Canary1307d ago

News Alert! You never should have been pre-ordering games ever. Be smart consumers, and don't buy something until you know what it is.

LightDiego1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I pre-ordered The Order:1886 to support Ready at Dawn, always admired their work and it's disgusting how these "journalists" are bashing the game before being released.

Update: Don't get it what? I would buy the game anyway, but if you buy your games according to reviews, good luck.

ShottyGibs1307d ago

Then clearly you don't get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.