Watch a DirectX 12 vs Direct X 11 Video Comparison, Showing up to 50% Performance Increase

During the Windows 10 Keynote Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer introduced a video comparison showcasing the performance of the upcoming DirectX 12 API pitched against the current DirectX 11.

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DarkOcelet1342d ago

Dx12 looks good. So does that mean it will increase the performance and frame rate if it crashed or stopped on dx11 on the same pc specs or what?

Pandamobile1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It's a synthetic benchmark designed to show the shortcomings of the old APIs and how they've fixed that in the new one.

Adding ridiculous amounts of draw-calls on a DX11 application will eventually choke it and slow it down, especially with a crappy CPU. DX12 removes that big draw-call bottleneck and allows the CPU to keep the GPU fed with data more efficiently.

That's what going on here. It'll have much less effect on systems that already largely work around this bottleneck like the Xbox One does.

DarkOcelet1342d ago

Thanks for the explanation.

traumadisaster1342d ago

That was a great description.

Can I keep my ol 2500k due to dx12?

1342d ago

But what about the "Every CPU core talking to the GPU instead of 1 core at a time" benefit? Supposedly only 1 CPU core can talk to the GPU and now all cores can talk to the GPU at one time, wouldn't that make the 6 (now 7ish)cores in the CPU be drastically more beneficial than just 1?

Kingscorpion19811342d ago

This will be great for High End PCs but not for Xbox one

GameNameFame1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

another coffin in the nail on having little impact on X1.


Are you serious? You honestly think technology to use all cores dont exist unless DX12?

There is already software, middleware exist to do this. Even Ubisoft talked about this.

Time to accept reality.

Kleptic1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


thats the main benefit, or more specifically...that is exactly where the draw call overhead is reduced...

with previous DX api's, frame culling was sync'd in a way that required a specific set of tasks to be completed before the draw call was sent to the GPU...

mantle, and now DX12...get around that by somewhat unlocking this issue by arranging the rendering path in a way that every core can independently send draw calls to the gpu...the reason it can do this is simplified calcs for the cpu, more of a brunt on the gpu (more 'behind the scene' stuff is being calculated by the gpu, of which was traditionally handled by a cpu)...which is fine, as currently gpu's are WAY ahead of modern cpu's in terms of processing potential.

This is precisely why mantle had some pretty big improvements on PC's with high core'd cpu's...but little to no improvement on cpu's with lower core counts, but high IPC figures...cpu's with high IPC numbers aren't stressed out by sync'd draw calls because they're blisteringly fast per cycle...but when a low IPC, high core cpu has the renderer split among 8 cores...its a major bottleneck...and mantle helped tremendously...

TL;DR...For PC, mantle and DX12 are API solutions that allow a bit of a dated cpu to run a very powerful gpu, and get great results...without either API, a weaker cpu won't be able to feed a powerful gpu.

for consoles, specifically the Xbox One? ready for a lot of marketing BS...both consoles already have very 'to the metal' api's, that is a fundamental advantage of a closed hardware system, and why the 'weaker' consoles continue to put out visuals a lot better than what the hardware would suggest...

UKmilitia1341d ago

so what cards are supported?
my 550ti wont be i bet

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Magicite1342d ago

the question is - when there will be DX12 compatible graphics cards for affordable price?

1342d ago
Webbyy1342d ago

Oh Really? the nonbelievers will not like this at all.

Keep up the good work MS.

DarkOcelet1342d ago

Do we really need that? Keep it on topic. No need for fanboy debate, you are just asking for it.

TheRedButterfly1342d ago

This IS on topic! The topic is DX12 and what it can do vs DX11. Stop being an apologist.

DarkOcelet1342d ago

Oh am sorry, i didnt know the non believers were part of the topic. If he said Keep up the good work MS . I would not have said anything but he is asking for someone to troll just to prove his point. Why cant we just get along?

Charybdis1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It already was part of the conversation, when looking at promised performane gains, there has been lot of skepticism from devs such as ice team and treyarch on what kind of advantage dx 12 would allow when it will launch in 2015 (edit first dx 12 games in 2015?). I am still not confinced but it should at least allow for easier cross platform development of apps and games in the windows 10 environment.
Good news seems to be that dx12 is now available to the big game engines such as unity and unreal.
edit :

q8kik1342d ago


Ice Team and Trayarch were talking about the DX12 performance boost for the xbox One, not PC.

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richierich1342d ago

Probably a dumb question but will I need to upgrade my Gefore GTX 680 to a DX12 card if I want to enjoy the benefits of DX12? I just bought my 680 and Im not too keen on upgrading my GPU again for quite a while

Pandamobile1342d ago

The GTX 680 is already years old at this point. You're going to need a DX12 GPU to take advantage of DX12.

deadfrag1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It seems you dont know that nvidia cards from gtx 400 going forward will all support dx12, this was confirmed by Nvidia already!

Pandamobile1342d ago

That's completely different. Yes you can run DX12 applications on older cards, but you're not going to be able to take advantage of any of the features that require specialized hardware. It's simply a fallback.

Much like DX11 GPUs had all the extra bits for tessellation and stuff, DX12-native GPUs will have extra hardware built in for DX12-specific tasks.

neoandrew1341d ago

But the possible 50% increase will come out of lower cpu overhead in DX12, it will have nothing to do with DX12 gpu features, this is the first time that the performance will came from much better software, but to be honest, dx11 is just plain broken, broken hard.

So don't worry, maybe gtx 680 is old, but after dx12 update it will have a second life and great performance.

crazychris41241342d ago

"At GDC 2014, Microsoft and Nvidia have taken the lid off DirectX 12 — the new API that promises to deliver low-level, Mantle-like latencies with vastly improved performance and superior hardware utilization compared to DX11. Even better, DirectX 12 (and D3D 12) are backwards compatible with virtually every single GPU from the GTX 400 to the present day."

Pandamobile1342d ago

i.e you'll be able to use the DX12 API on older cards, but you still won't be able to take advantage of any of the DX12 hardware features, cus you still lack the new hardware.

I'm curious why Rich would buy a GTX 680 in 2015, when there's so many better options out there.

neoandrew1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )


So maybe list for us those DX12 hardware features that will make that increase in performance.

You are wrong, the performance increase WILL NOT COME FROM ANY DX12 hardware feature, it is pure software fix, yes fix, cuz dx11 is a broken mess.

Nobody says "i'm rich" nor will buy gtx 680 in 2015, but many people have 680 so there is no point to change it if it is great and will support dx12.

Femto1342d ago

the 680 is a beast, you should have no problem, just install windows 10 when it comes out and you'll be set.

Abriael1342d ago

All DX11 cards will be DX12 compatible, so no, no need to upgrade.

Gamer19821342d ago

Yep as DX12 is a new way for windows to access the GPU directly without middle-ware so to speak (laments terms) So the GPU itself won't need nothing more thana drive update to talk back however really old cards probably could do with an update anyway ;). DX11 cards shouldn't have an issue at all. It's not like when DX10 came out that was a whole new API that functioned differently and graphics were rendered differently to perform better. Thats not the case this time around. Thats also why it won't have a lot of impact on Xbox. Which is probably a good thing as DX upgrades in the past although have made graphical improvements they have actually SLOWED DOWN your hardware..

CryofSilence1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

You also need Windows 8 or later for dx12, I believe. Fortunately, I am on Windows 8.1 (will get 10) with a DX12 native GTX 970.


same here. Off topic those gtx 970's are amazing

Kingdomcome2471342d ago

It's neat that they're letting all Win 7 and up users to upgrade to 10 for free within the first year.

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kingtroy1342d ago

Like how they paused the Directx11 and kept moving the directx12 to show improvement

BLow1342d ago

I couldn't help but laugh outloud after reading your comment. Not saying its true but it made me laugh....thanks man

hello121342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

PC and x box 1 are more unified with windows 10 and directx12. Intel even showed weaker CPU's perform better with directx12 and guess what the x box 1 and PS4 have weak CPU's there is going to be a noticeable performance for x box 1. Playstation fans are falling into the trap directx12 will be more beneficial for PC they are going to be wrong on that.

From that video i see about 5 to 10 per cent increase in visual quality its not a huge leap and i think that maybe thats what Phil was on about massive change. I don't see a huge leap in graphics performance from directx11 to directx12 going by that video.

Mechanism i never said Sony would be unable to bring out something like directx12 in the future you must be confused? The problem it directx12 wasn't an overnight thing its takes many months if not years of coding. Sony would have to look at the code break it down and work at it could take a while to come out with something like it.

Mechanism the only people wrong about sales were you guys i remember you boys touting 16 million around October and November and i said it was around 13 to 14 million around November. I was right (13.5 end of october) you moron. Sony supposedly added 4 million consoles in December only for that 1 month everyones numbers on here were entirely inaccurate but you guys are too dumb to notice when wrong.

Mechanism1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

No, you are just far too naive to realise that Sony aren't just going to sit around and do nothing with regards to similar updates..

EDIT: I must be confused, O child.. Once again, you are so naive.. ha.. You think Sony have been sitting around doing nothing? You think they have nothing in the pipeline with regards to updates? Even though these DX12 plans have been known for a long time.. Man alive..

Sony fans are going to be wrong huh? Are they going to be as 'wrong' as you were about PS4 sales not long ago, what a joke. You got proven wrong multiple times, not just in that sales instance, but in nearly every comment you make.. You are the most deluded person on here without a shadow of a doubt..

You really do live in a dream world.

headblackman1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

@ Mechanism

microsoft isn't sitting still with system sells, but they are still loosing that battle right now. this api (dx12) will be no different from that situation. sony's not a software company! now they do enough to get buy, but they are a hardware company and they rely heavily on the muscle of the hardware, so no, i don't think that anyone believes that they will just sit back idle (and im sure you've never heard anyone ever say that or even allude to that simple minded thought), but neither will microsoft and we both know who's better at this software game.

just like people who prefer ps4 want people who prefer x1 to except and buy into the idea of microsoft not ever being able to catch up in system sales, people who prefer ps4 need to except that there is no way that the ps4 will ever catch up when it comes to superior software tools that allows the most for developers and to the consumers experience.

but again i say, no here or in this world believes that sony will sit by in an idle position and not at least attempt to compete in the api area.

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Gamer19821342d ago

AMD are going to love DX12 as it means more cores get used and AMD are all about the cores..